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    About me:

    The thing I think is most important is to live the life you want without regrets. It’s also important to love and go through life with your second half because life is meant to be shared and can only be truly enjoyed with others. I also value family, money, faith, nature/God, close friends, and optimism. I think it’s hard to be truly happy unless you fulfill your God-given purpose. I also believe that one of the most important qualities to have is integrity; towards others and one’s self. You have to listen to your inner voice, always be true to who you are.


    I studied Biology in university but after school I developed an interest in technology, software and digital marketing so my career is now in digital marketing and advertising tech where I work for a large government contractor. I love math and logic.


    My first language is French but now I am more fluent in English because I’ve lived in the United States almost my whole life. I lived in Togo and Burkina Faso until the age of 12 because my father had a career in international micro-finance. And since 12, I have lived in the Washington DC area. I live in the suburbs of Washington DC in a town called Fairfax in Virginia. I have traveled to almost all of Western Europe, Ukraine, Canada, sub-Saharah Africa, the Caribbean and Panama. I love sports, especially tennis and Thai kickboxing. I have been playing tennis since I was about 6 and Thai boxing I learned about 10 years ago for self defense and fun. I think it’s very important for a man to have strong intellectual interests, but equally also enjoy sports and do physical self-defense if necessary.  If I have a son, I will  teach him how to box before he is 10 for sure. I also love to read, mostly books about biology, evolution and psychology. Outside of that, I love mafia movies(Martin Scorcese!) and listening to music; especially electronic, Italo disco and reggae.

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    A lady who is kind, sweet, classy, family-oriented and loves kids.

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