Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see women profiles ?

To view en exceprt of our Colombian Single Women Gallery.
Click here: https://www.mycolombianwife.com/mcw-gallery-preview/

This is only a small excerpt of our gallery featuring thousands Colombian Single women. In fact we have the largest database of verified and prescreened Colombian Single women seeking marriage in the world.
* Full access to the gallery is only for members.

Beware: Don´t be fooled by galleries of other agencies or wesites that feature only professional photos of very young perfect looking models. These kind of websites are not real.

The pictures are either stolen or the hire models ( or strippers ) which are paid for the pictures. These “models” are not looking for any kind of relationship with older men and are absolutely not suitable for marriage. Most of them dont even know that their pictures are being used. We consciously refrain from only having professional photos because we want our ladies to send us “normal” and recent pictures, so our clients can see how they actually look like in real life.

Scam websites = Only professional photos of young and super atrractive models.
Popular dating website and apps = Outdated photos, no verifications. No guarantee that the photos are real.

We are different from any dating site because our all ladies pre-screened and verified. Our gallery features only Colombian Women that are seriously seeking a foreign husband.

Do Colombian women know English ?

The truth is that due to the lack of access to quality education less than 1% of Colombians know English.
Colombia is a country were only a very small percentage have access to quality education. The normal education system in Colombia is very poor.
Basic English skills are not a recuirement in order to graduate from Colombian high school ( bachillerato )
Quality education including decent English skills are reserved to the small Colombian upper class, which is able to pay high fees.

For our meetings we include a personal translator to ensure a smooth and efficient communication.
A significant percentage from our Colombian single ladies actually know some English, because many of our ladies belong to the middle and upper class.

The lack of English skills has never been a problem for our matchmaking service, because as already mentioned, for the meetings in Colombia you will have a personal interpreter and in case you decide to engage with one of the candidates that you have met, we advise our clients to pay for intensive English online classes for their future Colombian wife. This way your fiance will be abel to obtain basic English skills within 2-3 months. 

How are the women from your agency any different from the Colombian women I have been / or am currently communicating with ?

It is a fact the the vast majority of Colombian ( and other foreign ) women on popular dating sites and apps do not have any serious intentions of having any kind of relationship with older foreign men. Many Colombian women that are on these datings sites already have local boyfriends and use these sites just to obtain financial gain from older foreign men, while faking interest in a relationship or marriage.

The problem is that these popular dating sites and apps just do not care which kind of women or men use their services. There are no verifications or screenings.
It is also a fact, that many foreign men that use these sites do not have any kind of serious intentions.
Many Colombian women offer sexual online services at these sites because there if a high demand from foreign men for these kind of services.

There are also single men that are actually seeking a serious relationship through these sites. These men unfortunately always get in contact with Colombian women are take advantage of them for financial gain.

 At mycolombianwife.com we only work with Colombian Single Women that are seriously interested in finding a foreign husband and that are ready to relocate.
We get new membership applications by Colombian women every day. We only choose to contact a small percentage of all the women at contact us. 
All women have to verify themselves and pass a series of interviews. We only accept new ladies, if we are convinced that the Colombian lady is suitable for our agency. A high percentage from our ladies belong to the Colombian middle and upper class, which has significant benefits for foreign men. These Colombia women are very different from the girls that are on dating sites and apps, that belong to the lowest Colombian social classes. 

Is it safe to travel to Colombia ?

One thing is travelling to Colombia with our Matchmaking service to meet suitable candidates for marriage, another thing is travelling to ( an through ) Colombia by your own.

When you come to Colombia with our Matchmaking service you will be totally safe during your stay.
We will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel in a secure area for foreign tourists. A personal guide / translator will always be present during the meetings and the city tour.

The meetings will be held in restaurants or cafe ( with security staff ) close to your hotel in the best and most secure areas of Bogota ( or Cali ).

At your arrival you will receive a PDF document, including safety recommendations during your stay in Bogota ( or Cali ).

We are experts when it comes to safety in Colombia, and in our 10 + years in business we havent had any issues reagarding safety of our clients.

Please note: Due to the safety situation in Colombia, we do not recommend to travel to Colombia for tourism by your own. Colombia is a level 3 ( travel advisory ) country, many areas in Colombia are even considered level 4 areas. There are still many areas in Colombia were guerilla and paramilitarian armed conflicts are happening.

How many women will I meet during my stay in Colombia ?

Our clients meet 1-3 ladies per day ( on average ). Please remember that our service is based on the acceptance from our ladies, after viewing several photos, introduction letter and your video. This is a unique and honest approach in matchmaking.

It is impossible to determine a fixed number of women that you will be meeting, because the meetings will depend of following factors.

– Whether you choose option 1 or 2.
– The women that you will choose ( option 2 )
– Your age and whether you will choose women in a reasonable age range. ( option 1 & 2 )
– Whether you are open to accept our suggestions ( Women profiles ). ( option 2 )

Please rest assured, that we always have a very high response / acceptance rate. All our clients meet several excellent choices ( Colombian ladies ) during their stay in Colombia.

How much does the service cost ?

We are located in the lower 4-digit area. The average price range is about 3000 USD. The final price can vary, depending on the season and discounts. We offer 2 matchmaking options. Option 1 and Option 2. Option 1 is costs less that Option 2.
We also accept partial payments starting from only 1400 USD towards the full service fee. This flexibility makes our service financeable to single men with average income. Although many of our clients belong to the higher income-class we also have had many clients with average income that have found a wife through our services.

Refund and Guarantee policy

Due to the time-extensive efforts and the nature of matchmaking services, it is normal in the industry not to offer refunds.
Once the order is confirmed, all submitted orders are final.

In case you will not ( or can not ) travel to Colombia within 12 months after the payment, the reservation will be extended for an other year.

We can not guarantee you a Colombia wife or relationship success. Any company that claims they can guarantee you a wife is simpy lying to you.

Finding the right partner is one of the greatest challenges in life, especially when it comes to finding a wife in a foreign country.
We exist to help to increase your chances of success, exponetially above of what you would do on your own.

Please rest assured, due to our unique and honest approach with the Personal Matchmaking Service of MCW you will have the highest possible chances of finding a suitable Colombian wife.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us now.

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