How does the service work?

Become a member or make the deposit for our VIP-BOGOTA-TOUR to talk to our female members.

All memberships also serve as deposit for our VIP-BOGOTA-TOUR. We are under the assumption that you are willing to travel to Bogota to personally meet several ladies in Bogota and to take advantage from our service in Colombia.

We will assist you in buying your airplane ticket and booking your hotel in Bogota, Colombia. We will pick you up from the airport. You must pay the remaining sum of the VIP-BOGOTA-TOUR in cash at arrival.

After that, we will organize dates per day for 1 week. If you wish, we will also arrange tourist activities, such as sightseeing, a historical tour, etc to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

An interpreter is available during the whole week during your stay in Colombia and included in the price.

After your lovely stay in Colombia, you will receive a contact list from us. The list will contain all the telephone numbers and various forms of contact information of the women you met in Colombia.

If all goes well, you may decide to marry a Colombian woman. As a member of our agency, we will support you regarding marriage and Visa affairs.

If you decide to return to Colombia to meet more women you will get % off the original tour price.

What does the Bogota-VIP-Tour include?

Our BOGOTA-VIP-TOUR includes:

– UNLIMITED Email and LIVE CHAT translation-service for 3 months

– Support with airplane tickets and hotel bookings.

– Pick up from the airport.

– American Interpreter available in Bogota for 1 week

– PERSONAL introductions of ladies a day with Colombian ladies in Bogota for 7 days.

– Support with marriage and Visa affairs.

What benefits do I have when becoming a gold member?

– Find out which ladies are interested in you.

– Quickly get in touch with many Colombian Women seeking a serious relationship or marriage.

– The ability to converse with Colombian women without knowing Spanish via our translation services.

– UNLIMITED Email and LIVE CHAT translation-service

-Support with Visa and marriage affairs

I have found cheaper offers on other websites, why should I choose you?

Please be aware that it takes some serious time and money, to offer an excellent and professional service like ours.

We must pay our staff. If you find a very cheap offer on another website, please keep that in mind. In the most cases, it wont´t be a serious offer, so and you can´t expect a lot from it. Also keep in mind that our service is a VIP-SERVICE just for one person.

Our memberships include an UNLIMITED Email and LIVE CHAT translation-service. If you compare costs of our services with the services from other dating site, you will find out that our memberships are much cheaper, because you wont need to pay additional fees to talk to female members. For instance $70 for chatting 10 minutes on the phone are not unlikely.

In which way is this agency different from other marriage agencies?

Our agency focuses on Latin women from Colombia, who are seeking men for a serious relationship. They are not models. There are many fake agencies out there which feature only photos of models. They even pay these models to respond to the messages. The best example of this kind of fake dating sites, which are total scams that operate with a pay per credit ( pay per letter system )

We do not offer these, “so called” Single(s)-Tours where we present women like in a fashion show and you must compete with other men.

Our service is designed to personally cater to your needs. Everything is included in the membership fee. There will be no extra costs.

Find out about our membership here.

Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

It’s one of the most oft-asked and oft-Googled topics for people interested in Colombia travel: just how safe is Colombia? We’re not going to weigh in too heavily on the “Is it safe to travel to Colombia?” debate as there’s good resources to be found that approach the subject with sensitivity and depth.

There are still no-go areas in the country. We haven’t heard of any recent cases but from what locals (the experts in these matters) we know, there are certain places that are just best to avoid. What we have found is that these places aren’t generally where we want to visit anyway, and the routes that most people follow here (for example from Bogotá to Cartagena) are completely safe.

In our experience (mostly in Bogota), risks have been no greater than we found when we have lived in other capital cities like Buenos Aires, Lima or Santiago de Chile or when we’ve traveled to other big cities. We found the same when we were in Cartagena and Medellín, which are both popular with tourists and feel very safe.Another point to take into account is that the main crime hotspots aren’t the same as the main tourist hotspots.

Safety in Colombia is an important issue, because safety when traveling is an important issue, but there’s so much magic in this country that it’s a shame when the topic seems to obscure everything that’s on offer here.
Anyway, you´ll have the advantage to have our staff around 24/7, so we can personally take care of your security. And of course we will only take you to places in Bogota which a completely save for you.

I just hate it when I write to a woman and I really like her just to find out a month later she is now getting serious with someone she has been talking to for longer than me. How can this be avoided ?

We always try to reserve the woman for our client, but we cannot give a 100 % guarantee. Since we do not own the women, we recommend being in contact with several women at the same time. We also recommend coming to Colombia within 2-3 months of becoming a member. There hasn’t been a case where an interested woman, who was in contact with a client, wasn´t available for a date in Colombia.

What options do I have if I fall in love with a woman?

After you found the lady of your dreams that would like to marry, you can invite her to your country. We will give you additional information on this process. You may also come back and marry your Colombian lady in Colombia, also you can also invite your lady for marriage in your own country.

Do the women have to pay to appear on this website?
No, our service is completely free for them.

Which payment options do I have?

We accept payments via PAYPAL, “Western Union”, or “Moneygram” to our German bank account, find out here where the next western union office is.
find out where the next “Moneygram” office is.

Do you have any more questions?

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Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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