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– All tour payments are non-refundable and active for 12 months. In case you will not travel to Colombia within 12 months after the payment. The tour payment will extend for an other year.
– By making the payment / reservation you accept the terms and conditions.
– The fulll tour payment and booking of The Hotel and flight should realized at least 7 days prior to your arrival in Bogota, Colombia.
–  After having paid the full tour fee and  the reservation of the hotel and flight to Bogota, Colombia you can inform us about your criteria for the ladies that you would like to meet during your trip.
– The service includes meeting with our female members that have expressed interest in meeting you as a potential candidate for marriage. Although it has never happend, we do not guarantee any meetings.
– The tour payment basically covers the efforts of the agency to find female members interested in meeting you in Colombia.
– We can not guarantee that you will only meet female members of your top list.
– Its forbidden to invite female members to your country prior to the first meeting in Colombia with our guide.
– The message function of your profile will be activated 7 days prior to your arrival in Bogota ( You have to send us a copy of your flight booking details )
– The message function then will be active for 3 months. However the message function is not a vital element of our service and is not needed for the service to be executed successfully.
Our guarantee:
– All female members that you will meet will have undergone a background check ( including a criminal record check) and they will have seen you photos and personal information and introduction letter.
– Unlike other dating / matchmaking services with us you will only meet female members that have seen your photos and personal information AND have agreed to meet you.
Inviting female members that do not live in Bogota to meet you in Bogota during your tour.
– If you are interested in inviting a female member to meet your during your tour in Bogota, we will inquire if the female member is also interested in meeting you in Bogota during your tour. If she agrees to meet you in Bogota you pay for the hotel ( 1 night ) and travel expenses ( bus or airplane tickets).
– The tour price does not include transportation costs ( taxi fees within Bogota )
– The client pays for the transportation costs (bus or taxi) of the ladies that will come to meet you in Bogota. The average costs are about 10 dollars ( inside of Bogota )
– As client you are expected  to invite the ladies that you will meet and the interpreter for drinks and meals during the dates.
The translation service includes 1,5 hours for each date. If you wish that your personal interpeter will accompany you and your date for MORE than 2 hours, your interpreter will charge you $10 or 30.000 pesos for any additional hour. The additional translation service has to be paid immediately after the date as finished and your interpreter will return you to your hotel.
When to book the tour
The full tour fee has to been paid at latest 14 days before your arrival in Colombia.
In order to organize your trip we need 7-14 days depending on how many tour days you will book.
Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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