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Refund policy 

1. Due to the nature of our service, which includes excessive amounts of work  ( contacting our female members ) all tour payments are non-refundable. In case you will not travel to Colombia within 12 months after the payment. The tour reservation will be extended for an other year.

2. By making the payment / reservation you accept the terms and conditions.

When to make the payment

3. The full tour payment and booking of The Hotel and flight should realized at least 14 days prior to your arrival in Bogota, Colombia.

4.  After having paid the full tour fee and  the reservation of the hotel and flight to Bogota, Colombia you can inform us about your criteria for the ladies that you would like to meet during your trip.

The nature of the service 

5. The service includes meetings with our female members that have expressed interest in meeting you as a potential candidate for marriage. We always have a good response rate.

Although that it did not occure in our over 10 years of company history, due to the nature of our Matchmaking system, we can not guarantee any certain amount of meetings or any meetings at all.

6. The tour payment basically covers the efforts of the agency to find female members interested in meeting you in Colombia.

Please click on following link to see what exactly our Personal Matchmaking service includes.

Our Personal Matchmaking Service Offer

Priority list ( option 2 )

7.  Although our goal is to organize meetings with as many selected women from the priority list as possible, we can not guarantee that you will only meet female members of your top list.

Out of the women our clients add to the priority list, we will only select women that we think are suitable matches for our clients.
We will not contact women where the age difference and attractiveness level is too high.
As we know many women personally, we know what kind of men they are interested in and in which kind of men they are not interested already.

If not enough women from the priority list are found, the client has the option to add more suitable matches to the list or consider our profile suggestions.

As mentioned, due to the honest approach of our service ( showing recent photos and profile information and criteria to the women of our agency ) it is impossible to guarantee a certain amout of meetings.

The location of the meetings

8. The agency decides the location of the meeting. Our meetings are always in public locations like cafes and restaurants in the park 93 area, zona t or salitre.

9. Meetings in the hotel lobby or hotel room are forbidden.

Inviting female members from other cities for a meeting in Bogota

10. Inviting female members from other cities to Bogota. You have the option of inviting our female members ( on mutual agreement ) for a meeting in Bogota.
MCW will organize the meeting ( including the roundway flight and her hotel expenses ) For this service we charge 400 €.
The female member will be accomodated in a hotel close to your hotel.


Duration of the meetings

Costs for additional hours of translation

11. We only guarentee the safety during the meetings, when one of our interpreters will be present. The average duration of a date is 1:30 hours. If you want additional hours of translation, the additional hours are being paid to the translated directly the same day of the meeting.

Safefty #2

12. We will not make ourselves responsable for eventual meetings with our female members outside of our arranged meetings without knowledge of the agency. Meetings in the hotel lobby or hotel room are not allowed.

Due to satefty issues we do not recommend to accept meetings in other than our recommened locations in Bogota.

13. Meetings with our female members outside of the arranged meetings, or without the presence of our translator are at own risk.

Safety recommendations for Colombia

– Only take out your credit card ( bank card ) if you need to withdraw money from an ATM with the assistance of one of our interpreters
– Do not go our with more than 250 000 pesos – $ 65.
– Make color copies of your ID card and passport and leave them in the hotel room.
– Do not take taxies at the street.
– Only order UBER and CABIFY drivers using your app. For assistence please ask one of our translators.
– Do not take out your smartphone on the streets.
– Do not make trips within outside of Bogota on your own without informing us.
– Do not meet other women ( that are not members of MCW ) using dating apps during your stay. We only guarantee safety with women from our agency during the dates.

Our guarantee:

– All female members that you will meet will have undergone a background check ( including a criminal record check) and they will have seen your photos and personal information and introduction letter.

– Unlike other dating / matchmaking services with us you will only meet female members from our Matchmaking Agency that have seen your photos, translated video presentation, personal information AND have agreed to meet you.


Transportation costs for the dates.

14. The tour price does not include transportation costs , taxi fees within Bogota.

The client pays for the transportation costs (driver or a taxi) of the ladies that will come to meet you in Bogota. The average costs are less than 10 dollars ( the price inludes getting to the meetings and back home using a taxi or UBER inside of Bogota ). Some ladies from higher social classes will be able to come up with the costs for their transportation by themselves. In any case the client is expected to ask if the payment of the transportation is necessary at the beginning of the meeting.

Expenses during the meetings

15.  As client you are expected  to invite the ladies that you will meet and the interpreter for drinks and meals during the dates.

– The translation service includes 1,5 hours for each date. If you wish that your personal intrepeter will accompany you and your date for MORE than 2 hours, your interpreter will charge you $11 or 40.000 pesos for any additional hour. The additional translation service has to be paid immediately after the date as finished and your interpreter will return you to your hotel.

Cancellation of meetings

16. We reserve the right to cancel meetings in case of unrespectful / indecent behaviour.
17. Once we have scheduled all the meetings for you in Bogota, we strongly suggest to meet all scheduled women. In case you want to cancel all other meetings during the tour, the cancelled meetings will not be rescheduled or replaced.
18. We can only schedule the meeting on the time based on their availability.
19. In case you become ill in Bogota, you need to inform us immidately, and we will assist you to go naturopath or doctor.
In this case we will inform the scheduled ladies and reschedule the meetings at a later time.

Duration of the service

The Service is limited to 7 days, where the first meeting are being held between the 2nd and 5th tour day, then the 2nd meetings follow.


Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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