The river which you are going to see is called “Cano Cristales” and it is located in Colombia. This river is very peculiar because it is composed of various colors including: yellow, blue, green, black and alot of red. The reason for this colorful river is due to algae  is in the lower river. Due to its […]

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Click here to go to her profile: Name Marian Murillo Birthday 08/05/1969 Age 44 Profession: Psicóloga I´m a woman Looking for a Man children 1 child Marital status Single – soltera/o City Bogota Country Colombia English level no skills – (no se ingles) Hobbies: Me gusta salir a realizar caminatas ecológicas, pintar,escuchar música, ir al cine, […]

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Today is the 19th of June and today on 6 pm Colombia will play against the Ivory Coast. Where do the Colombians watch the game? Of course they unite with their family and friends. Most of them prefer to watch it on public viewing because of the bigger screens, the atmosphere and the deeper participation […]

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The fans of the Ivory Coast are wondering. The Colombians have a lot of respect of the great soccer player Drogba. The Colombian soccer player don`t fear of anything else more than of Didier Drogba. ” He`s a beast in the pinalty area” , warned Cristian Zapata of the star player from the Ivory Coast. […]

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This top  10 list of the biggest fears of Colombian women will give you a better insight of the reality that Colombian women   have to face  every day. This is no exaggeration.   1. Walking down a lonely street Colombian women would never consider walking down a  lonley street. Even some men are also afraid […]

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1. Colombia is officially the most bio-diverse country in the world. Colombia’s ecosystems includes more than 1,821 species of birds, 623 species of amphibians, 467 species of mammals, 518 species of reptiles, 3,200 species of fish (18% of which are endemic) and  51, 220 species of plants.       2. A wide range of activities […]

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“The Colombianas is without doubt one of the most joyous and magical beings in the world, they internalize a number of virtues and values ​​that make them special. Usually, Colombianas are very attractive physically, but their most evident beauty lies in their values, making them absolutely beautiful. The Colombianas is affectionate, tender, effusive, happy, friendly, […]

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