Today is the 19th of June and today on 6 pm Colombia will play against the Ivory Coast. Where do the Colombians watch the game? Of course they unite with their family and friends. Most of them prefer to watch it on public viewing because of the bigger screens, the atmosphere and the deeper participation into the game.

1. Bogota Beer Company

Bogota Beer Company is the classical place to watch the game on a big screen accompanied with great beer and some niblets. In this bar you will also notice a lot of Tourists from all over the world who enjoy this Bar for having meetings, something to drink and some delicious appetizers.
2. Conclave Bistro Pub


This restaurant will also show the game. They also have cool german beer and 100 & angus beef burgers. They offer Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and a Bar. A wonderful place with tables, chairs made out of wood and sofas.

3. Hooters


In Hooters you will get a great service, beautiful waitresses, big screens and delicious american food. Most of the man who go to Hooters go only for one reason, for seeing some beautiful Colombian women.


4. La Gloria



In the restaurant “La Gloria” they will set up big screens and will have a special price offer where you buy 4 beers and you will get one gratis. “La Glora” was also recommended by the poplular Colombian magazine “Soho” as for having one of the best seafood dishes.

5. Levels Bar in the Hilton Hotel



In the Levels Bar they re offering a special World Cup lunch. Choose one beer of a large beer and cocktail menu.

6. Parque 93


In the Park 93 you will see a gigantic screen and comfortable chairs. This is the place where a great bunch of soccer lovers and tourists unite. It`s probably one of the biggest screens where they will present the game.

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