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    Craig Noyes

    I´m a


    Looking for a







    6' 0"


    Professional Tennis Coach & Basketball, Entreprenuer


    no children

    Marital status

    Single – soltera/o




    United States

    English level

    native speaker – (nativo)


    Movies, Tennis, Golf, Sports, Dancing, Traveling, Going out to eat !

    About me:

    ****1. The French Quarters in New Orleans, Berkeley and Venice Beach in California are all representative of who I am. Me…… Innovative, Creative, Out of the Box, Cutting Edge, Non Conforming….. Challenge Tradition. Did I miss anything ! Ahead of my time…So I’ve been told ! So

    Some Beignets and Cafe Au Lait in the Morning at Cafe Du Monde, Gumbo / Po Boy for Lunch, and I’ll settle for Blackened Prime Rib and a portion of Char Grilled Oysters at a Bar Table for Dinner.

    I’m part French…… Oo La La !!! I’m drawn to the Culture, especially the Language and Artistry. Of course, nothing like the Essence of Love and a Single Red Rose for a Beautiful Woman from inside out ! Although my preference is Orchids, I’m still enamored with sharing a Burnt Edge Rose.

    As I mentioned, ”Non Conforming! I enjoy being me even if it means making a Statement, starting a Trend !”

    Moi…. I’m an Athlete and Coach . No, I’m not full of myself ! But it’s difficult being different. My players get me. My friends kind of get me. But I know you will Truly Get Me because I will trust you with my Heart… I prefer to remain guarded, but l

    Above all…… Spontaneity, Fun with No Nonsense, Too Kool, A Versatile Personality, Compassionate. Don’t go shopping with me…….. I’m Great for You, but I’ll drive you crazy if I’m looking for me. I know what I want, but can never find it. I should just design my own apparel…… 🙂

    Different People have so many unique qualities. that I think it’s important to be open and receptive to these Gifts each person brings with them.

    I do not like arguing, yelling or nagging. If it is ongoing, I will disappear as you would. I do not fair well in that type of environment.
    I prefer a peaceful, low keyed, loving, understanding and supportive relationship which simply loves being together above all else. My hope as a Man ( although I have my flaws, but I am working on them ) is to meet the Woman that I will Love for the Right reasons and would like to go to heaven with me.

    I’ve had my Dream Date planned for the Longest. Hopefully you’re the one ! Before I state what it is, wouldn’t it be awesome to meet someone, casually start to share and exchange thoughts, move on to a small Lunch along the Boardwalk, definitely have a scoop of white chocolate ice cream along the way and never have it come to a close…….. Now that’s Love Meant to Be 🙂
    With that in mind, I think I’ll keep My Dream Date a Secret and save it for a later time ……… With You 🙂 One small Hint…… I Hope you enjoy the Tango my Love 🙂

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Looking for Love and Trust in a Godly Christian Woman…. A Good Hearted Woman I will go to Heaven with… My Best Friend !

    The best time to call me:

    1 pm – 3 pm

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