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    About me:

    I am a very loving and affectionate man. I love to be told many times daily that my girlfriend loves me and I love to do the same. Family is always first. Owning a business is difficult but I use family as my balancing factor by never allowing it to take precedence over my family. I am a hard worker and I enjoy working hard. I am a very generous man in my emotional output, affection, and gifts. I find more happiness in giving than in receiving. I do demand respect and I also give it. I don’t cheat or flirt with other women when I am in a relationship and I demand the same from my partner.

    I believe in daily speaking 5 things I am grateful for. It keeps my mind to live and be more happy. I am happy over simple things. As simple as being able to walk. To see. To exist. And I want someone who also lives in gratitude.

    sorry for the long “about me”.

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Kind and loving to anyone in their life. They live in gratitude and love being happy for small things. They are very intelligent and love to work. They are inter-dependent meaning they are dependent but will choose times to depend on me so it builds our bond together. I love to give and do things for my women and i appreciate a strong women allowing me to help them since it builds my confidence in our relationship and keeps it strong. I am someone who definitely loved a gorgeous women physically like any man. I would love to have a daughter in the future. But it’s not a necessity. And I do know lots of what I write about I won’t get 100% but I am ok if I get 80%. I don’t expect perfection because I myself am not perfect.

    Lastly I want an affection women.

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