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    Founder & CEO,author and Matchmaker at Matchmaking Agency My Colombian wife.

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    Alexander K. has founded Matchmaking Agency My Colombian Wife in 2012. He has been visiting Colombia regularly since 1995, but in the year 2007 he decided to actually live and work in Colombia for a longer period of time.

    In the same year he was hired as an English teacher for a major Colombian English school “Meyers” in Bogota.

    In fact he has found his Colombian wife through a translation job for a major Colombian bank.He married in Colombia in the year 2013 and is still happily married.

    Before he met his wife, he dated different types of Colombian women and encountered the difficulties of dating in Colombia as a foreigner. The wariness of Colombian women towards foreign men. Their flakyness. Differentiating quality Colombian women from Colombian women not even a Colombian would date.

    During his time in Colombia he learned to love the country profoundly and he considers Colombia to be one of the “little known” treasures in the world.

    The friendly welcoming people, the different landscapes and climates are just 3 reasons to visit Colombia.

    Unfortunately Colombia still has very few foreign visitors, which has much to do with its past.Today much has improved and Colombia has become more attractive for foreign visitors.

    Nethertheless, the safety of its clients is one of MCW´s highest priorities.That´s why our Matchmaking service includes a personal guide with picks you up from the airport and ensures your safety throught your stay in Colombia.

    99% of the few men that make it to Colombia in search for a potential wife encounter all the same issues.

    99% of them do not get any results out of their trips to Colombia.If at all, they get in contact with the wrong kind of Colombian women ( scammers, prostitutes, women with unserious intentions, women only interested in money or green card hunters. )

    That is the reason why marriage with a foreign wife has such a bad reputation in the U.S.

    It is important to understand that these type of Colombian women are the worst possible women you can meet in Colombia and unfortunately popular cheap dating sites are full of these type of women.

    The good news is that there are also quality Colombia women. Colombians know their women and they can easily differenciate “the good from the bad”. This is something foreign men can not, because they do not know the country.

    The women that we choose to work with have strong traditional family values.Their biggest dream is to become a dutiful and responsable a good wife and mother.

    After talking to countless of single men and own extensive research, he realized that the world of foreign-women-online-dating was full of scams. In fact many men that are seriously seeking a foreign wife are stuck in one of these scam-websites where they can never find a wife. Others are victims of scammer women and just loose money.

    Throughout the years Alexander has become more and more active as an anti-online-scam-activist, educating his prospects regarding Latin and Russian women online dating scams.

    He considers the education regarding online scams a vital element of his work.

    His goal is to always reach more men that are stuck in these dead-end-traps, showing them the truth about these scams sites that are selling them a false illusion and finally help them to find a Colombian wife.

    This can only be achieved with the professional guidance and support of a honest personal matchmaking service.

    His vision in 2012 was to create the best possible service for foreign single men that are seriously interested in finding a Colombian wife.

    A service which guarentees NOT to waste your trip to Colombia if your intention is to find your future wife there.

    A service which in fact provides your with the highest possible chances of success.

    His vision is to bring as many traditional marriage-minded Colombian women and foreign single men together as possible and to form fullfilling, long-lasting marriages.He and his team are already responsible for countless of marriages.

    Today MCW counts with the largest database of verified and pre-screened Colombian Single women seeking a foreign husband, featuring thousands of profiles.

    If you are seeking a Colombian wife and you would like to learn more, please click at the button below to contact us now.

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