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    About me:

    Soy un caballero alegre y muy amoroso. Amo a viajar. Soy un hombre alto y las personas me dicen que tengo bonitos ojos y que estoy siempre sonriendo. Amo a jugar todas las variedades de deportes. Soy un christiano y tengo una passion para dios.

    I am a fun loving person , a focused gentleman who is very loving and affectionate.,I love to travel, I am a tall man, and people say I have beutiful eyes and a handsome look and always smiling. I love and play a variety of sports, I am a practicing christian and I have a passion for God

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    Estoy buscando una mujer feminina, honesta, amable, leal, de buen trato, trabajadora, intelligente y responsible. Deberia ser lista para establecerse. Estoy buscando una amiga y companera que esta buscando una relacion seria! Quiero encontrarme con alguna que quiere crear una fuerte y bonita familia. Estoy buscando una mujer a cual puedo cuidar, proteger y amar para el resto de su vida. Para compartir mi amor. Tengo tanto amor para dar y necesito una mujer que esta lista para recivirlo. Estoy en busca de una mujer emotionalmente estable que es lista para recivir y dar amor.

    I am looking for a real feminine woman, I am seeking for a woman who is kind, honest, loyal, easy going, hard working, intelligent, confident, responsible who is ready to settle down. I am looking for a friend and partner, who is really looking for a serious relationship! I want to meet some one who wants to create a strong and nice family,
    What I find most attractive in a woman is a complex of mannerisms and behaviors that are purely feminine, Godly and respectful. the physical things that attract most men to a woman are just so temporal and always disappear with age and this leads to people loosing interest and growing apart. My attraction lies in things that will remain as we grow old together, like character respect, a genuine love for God and other people. I resent women that display masculine tendencies around me. I see them like I see guys, but my heart melt away when I meet a lady, who allows me to be a male around her. a lady who becomes really a lady around me will get my interest, I see physical qualities as a blessing of a great person that live inside that body. I am looking for a woman that I could take care of for the rest of her life protect, nurture defend encourage and share my love with. I have so much love to give and need someone that will be willing to receive it. I am looking for a woman who really want to be loved. someone that is emotionally stable and is able to receive and also give love. I am looking for someone that will complement me and I will also compliment her someone that I can make very fulfilled and help her discover her purpose in life.

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