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  • Basic information





    110 ibs – 54 kg


    5"2 – 160 cm


    Self employed, Entrepreneur, Administrator – ADMINISTRADORA


    no children

    Marital status

    Single – soltera/o





    English level

    intermediate skills- (intermedio)


    travel, to visit museums, read, walk outdoors, dance, paint, nature walks, to ride a horse, rock climbing, boat rides, cooking with your partner, coffee tasting, wine tasting, mindfulness, sing, listen music, rock, rock and roll, blues, classic music, cinema, decorations, personal shopper, I like watching history chanel, movies by indiana jones, 007, classics of the 90s and contemporary cinema too, reading novels, photography, new technologies, DIY.

    About me:

    Confident of myself, fighter, very sincere, resilient, affectionate, I like order, discipline, I’m not the best, but i’m effort to get this. I am very spiritual. I believe in God I would declare myself a Christian. I am not a feminist, I am not a macho, I am fed up with the war between the sexes. I want a relationship for marital purposes. I live in Bogotá Colombia, the men of my continent are far from everything I want.

    I love nature and being in the middle of it, my ideal home would be in the mountains or a country place, I don’t like jewelry but I’m vain, I like my house and I are great. I keep in shape with regular exercise, as with everything on the condition that it is natural and healthy food, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I avoid red meat.

    what I do not like

    I do not like lies, dramatic people, who depend on family, friends to make their decisions, I do NOT admit any form of abuse, excessive jealousy, possessiveness, nor vulgarity, I hate Peter Pan syndrome, I never watch contact sports, nor video games because I don’t like them at all !!! I do not want to have children, it is not negotiable !!

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    What I want from him.

    I want a man similar to me who shares my tastes and beliefs; why: because I will not be like those couples who live their whole lives fighting, trying to change and accept each other. A man with a high sense of morality, WITH mental, emotional, physical and economic STABILITY, self-confident, affective and that shows it, fearful of God, Christian, who is my support and we generate synergy, and help me achieve my goals, ready and committed to build a life as a couple. Neat, vain, to take care of himself. I am woman independent but I definitely want someone to hold my hand and care me of me. between 33 and 45 years old and why not; tall, attractive, in good shape. Friend and accomplice. (If you are not what I am looking for, better do not bother)

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