Are you a black gentleman and wondering if Colombian are interested in black men also ?

Black man, make about 20-30 % from out clients. There is a high number is black americans that are interested in meeting Colombian women for marriage.

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First off,  you should know that about 20 % of Colombians are actually of african descent  – black or mixed with black (Mulatto´s).

Ethnic groups of Colombia:

mestizo 58%

Mestizo is a term traditionally used in Spain and Spanish-speaking America to mean a person of combined European and Native American descent.

white 20%

mulatto 14%

Mulatto is a term used to refer to a person who is born from one white parent and one black parent, or more broadly, a person of mixed European and African ancestry in any proportion

black 4%

mixed black-Amerindian 3%

Amerindian 1%

The cities with the mayor black population in Colombia are the following:

Cali (542.936), Cartagena de Indias (319.373), Buenaventura (271.141),Medellín (137.988), Tumaco (129.491)Barranquilla (116.538), Quibdó (100.007), Turbo (99.274), Bogotá (97.885) y Riohacha (44.899).

Only a very small percentage of Colombian women on the website indicate a preference for skin color.

Race does not play much of a role in Colombia, due to the greater mix of people.
However, from our experience, we have seen with the Black men who have used our  Tour service is that they are just as successful as other men.

Good qualities matter much more to Colombian women than race.

Looks, weight, height, personality and presentation rank way above race as a point of interest.

We can assure you that most men will do much better in Colombia than they can in the United States regardless of their race.

Get to know Colombian single women that are interested in finding a life partner.

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