The truth about Amolatina

Since I have started this agency years ago. I have personally talked to 1000´s of men that have been victims of “Amolatina” ( and other dating sites ).

If you are interested in Latin women chances are very good that you have come across AmoLatina.

In fact in about 70 % our clients have left money at Amolatina before they come here.
The reason why so many men that are seeking latin women fall into this trap is because officially they are the Number One dating site when it comes to Latin / Colombian women, because they invest thousands of dollars in Google adwords to always appear in the first position for all relevant search results.

Amolatina is nothing but a criminal organization. It´s a big scam. 
Amolatina is not their only site, they same owners are also behind the famous Russian women dating site AnastasiaDate.

The Amolatina scam system

They have a proven system  ( like a franchise ) which unfortunately works and simply generates them a lot of money.

I also must mention that they have a new website now  and they don´t offer tours anymore ( There must be a reason why ).

Here I´m going to explain you how this BS system works and why it´s nothing but a LIE !

I have registered at their and created an account without a photo.


The thing that I have noticed is that hundreds of incredible stunning women ONLINE all the time !

These women are models. Amolatina takes their pictures and pay these ladies some pennies. Some of these ladies do not even KNOW that they have a profile at this website.

An other thing that I´m constantly being told, that these girls are ALWAYS ONLINE 24 / 7.
Seems like these girls don´t have a job or any social life, right ?

BS, the women that you see on these profiles are NOT ONLINE THEMSELVES !


Here the Amo latina wants to make you believe that they actually care about you and your criteria !  

Someone or something else is online for them.

In the first place it´s a computer program that keeps the profiles online all the time.

The most important facts to understand are:

1. The girls you see on the profile images are NOT Online.
2. These girls you see on the website are NOT talking to you.
At the beginning it´s a chatbot / a computer program, later it will be a random person that is being paid to keep you spending messages / spending credits.
3. You are not talking to the girls you see on the photos.

That being said, it´s not hard to understand WHY this whole thing is nothing but a big scam !


I was only online for about 5 minutes and during this 5 minutes I have received about 30 – 50 Chat requests.

All girls look like Models and have top photos AND they they are dying to talk to some stranger, which doesn´t even have a photo !
What if I´m an fat, old, bald headed dwarf ?

Doesn´t matter ANYONE that registers there gets lots of attention !

Strange, isn´t it ?
Why haven´t I come across this site before.

What an awesome site !

Also, I have noticed that ALL Latinas there speak English !
Did you know that in reality,  the mayority of Latinas DO NOT speak any English at all ?

The only fact that I have received a ton of chat requests  after being 3 minutes on the site, should be a RED FLAG for anyone with a common sense.

amo latina

This is a message that I have received after being just 2 minutes on this site.

Wow, a stunning young Latina already opened the doors of her house for me ??
So does this mean that I can fly to Colombia and come visit you in your place whenever I want ?


Monica are you a psychic ?
How do you know that my nights are boring ?
Do you just assume that ?
You are right, if my nights werent boring, I wouldn´t be wasting my time on this SCAM website !


Hello Yenny I would love to meet you too !
Hold on a sec !
I will just go any buy some credits from the website so I can answer to you.

amo latina


Credits Cost:

  • 1000    $399.00 or .40 each
  • 500      $249.00 or .50 each
  • 320      $185.00 or .58 each
  • 160      $96.00 or .60 each
  • 80        $56.00 or .70 each
  • 40        $30.00 or .75 each
  • 20        $15.99 or .80 each

They charge 10 credits to send and 10 credits to read an email.

Ok, to respond to ANY of the many messages that I have received I have to spend at least  2,99 Dollars.
The 2,99 USD offer to 20 credits if only a one time limited offer to get you hooked.

With the 20 credits I can respond to a message and I can read the response, that´s all.

I have personally talked with men that have spend 1000´s of dollars on this site, and they have never even got any personal contact information from ANY women there.

Trust me this a very expensive system, with which you can easly loose hundreds of dollars in hours !

Also, Amolatina automatically renews your subscriptions !!
By subscripcion you authorize them to automatically charge your credit card upon each renewal.
This means each time you are out of credits !


This girl supposedly works as a Pediatrician !
Yeah, right she  just like your local Pediatrican looks like, or not ?


Pediatrician Yenny in her workwear…

amo latina

If you want to see photos of Pediatrician Yenny in her underwear it will cost you extra credits…

Pediatrician ? Ihis isn´t even a model. This might even be Colombian prostitute.

So, I used the sites search function because I´m only interested in Latinas with a PHD.


Not only she is a doctor, she also doesn´t care how old you are !
She is 27, and looks for men that are 18 or older !
Her only criteria is that he can´t be younger than 18 !


According to her profile this girl is a MEDICAL DOCTOR !
She is not just any doctor, she is a medical doctor.
This is just like all female medical doctors look like in Colombia, you know?

Who wouldn´t want a consultation with this doctor?

She´s very educated, extraordinary smart and hardworking and NOT a typical Colombian prostitute !

So, then I decided to make doctor YENNY a little present, to show her my appreciation and bring her attention to ME !

Let´s see which opions Amolatina offers me to make her a present.


Wow, only 5 days that´s fast !

amo latina

So, I have choosen this fruit basket as present of Yenny for just 369 credits?
How much USD are 369 credits ?
It really depends on how many credits you buy.
If you buy 1000 credits    $399.00 or .40 each
369 credits are 147 USD !
If you buy less credits this fruit basket will cost even more !

By the way:

Colombia is an exotic country with an abundance of fruits !
Just like Costa Rica, Colombia is a Banana Republic.
Fruits are very cheap in Colombia !
A “Fruit Basket” like this one will cost less than 3 USD in COLOMBIA !

You can not impress a Colombian girl with a bunch of Bananas a Pineapple and grapes !
This is nothing special there.


Since I didnt want to spend 150 UDS for some Bananas,
in the end I have choosen a gift box with 6 little chocolates and 3 roses for just 459 credits. ( At least 183 USD )
+ 23 USD for the Delivery.


459  + 49 credits are 508 credits, right ?


BUT I have to buy 600 credits for just 49 per credit !

600 * 0,49 cent = 294 USD !!

So this box of chocolates ( 6 chocolates ) with 3 roses will cost me nearly 300 USD !!
That´s expensive !

Do you want to see what  customers have to say about Amolatina?

When you google Amolatina reviews following search comes up:

The first result that comes up is a google ad by Amolatina themselves !

Of course they know that there are people “research” before considering joining a dating site.
In the text of the ad you can read words like:

-Verfied Singles ( Its a lie)
– Safe and Secure
-We deliver dating that you can trust.

Amolatina desperately tries to convert these potential clients that are seeking reviews about Amolatina, BEFORE they they get the idea to look at the other search results below!

Interestingly, the 2nd search result, is one of the very few REAL reviews by gave Amolatina a 1,6/10 rating. 

Here are some excerpt from their Amolatina review:

Safety & Security

On the main login page, there is an Anti-Scam Policy warning that alerts users of the following: never send any money to a lady, arrange dates through our “Date Me” service, exchange contact information with the lady through the “Call Me” service and to “once in a while conduct video chat with your lady.” Obviously, the site wants to profit by keeping interactions strictly within the confines of their online system, but this proves that this site is not about making connections, but instead money….

….Every customer review I encountered claimed that the site was a complete sham. In the PayPal Community Help Forum, one customer said he was scammed out of $3500, citing proof from a person who worked as a translator for confirming that the site runs on a fraudulent basis. Another on said that even when he mailed a letter to the woman he had been messaging, he was mailed back a letter from the site encouraging him to contact her through the paid service. This could very well be a protective measure to insure the women’s safety and keep interactions within the site. Profit is most likely the major factor here.

However, the consumer should be aware that any paid system designed to meet women in other countries is going to have some stipulations. Whether this is a full scam or not is up to the consumer to decide.

Click here more REAL Amolatina reviews


– Amolatina is a scam !
– The only take pictures of models and create fake profiles for them.
– You do not talk to the women you see on the website.

 At the beginning the bot sends your automatically generated messages, to get your started.
Then you talk to a paid random person which is trained to keep you sending messages and spending credits / U.S. Dollars.

– You can NOT find a latina girlfriend or wife at Amolatina.
– In fact, you can not build ANY contacts at this website !!

Have you been scammed by Amolatina ? Please comment below.

Do you want to meet real Latin women seeking foreign men ? Contact us now !



  1. Paul Herbert

    03/22/2019 at 00:20

    I was scammed by Amolatino. But fortunately I found out in the nick of time and got my bank to block the company with all those fraudulent transactions. I had bought two lots of 20 credits, the first lot for the promotional 2.99 and then 15.99 for the next batch. I checked my bank statement and noticed that there was a discrepancy on my credit card. I found out that Amolatina had helped themselves to 6 extra payment of 15.99 without even having consulted me. Yes, they had ransacked my account. Blatant fraud! A customer services representative wrote and said that he could not reimburse those payments as I had ‘apparently’ used all the credits up. Funny as I had been on the site for just 50 mins, so how could that be so? So fortunately it was a happy ending for me and my money saved. But I really feel for those punters out their who have been scammed thousands of dollars. And they’re not even talking to real customers, but paid employees, or maybe prostitutes, who knows who these girls really are The fault really isn’t with the site, yes, there are criminals in every corner of the world, some of whom function under the guises of a company, such as amolatino. But the responsibility lies with such lenient regulation, permitting these rogues to operate as a fraudulent enterprise. It’s really shocking to know that so called organisations like this (with Russian owner and finances based in the Virgin islands, rendering them a tax scam as well as everything else) are given a covert wink by the US government regulators.

  2. Daniel

    05/22/2019 at 01:11

    Yep, I’ve been scammed and been in very heated arguments with the support there. Nobody, I repeat, nobody meets outside the site. I did meet a woman through other means, that had been on the site and she told me that the agencies sends messages for the women. I’m trying to take these assholes down. I have lots of proof of fraud and trying to get the Government to shut down their scamming site. Every time I was going to meet a woman, she had an excuse. Support told me that we can share information thru video. Well amazingly, nobody’s video would work. Then a few decided it would be much more romantic if I sent $450 of roses with my information. Then one finally said it, she said do it for the site, buy me a gift and send your information. We can share on video, but I’d rather your money.

  3. Don

    06/28/2019 at 22:49

    And you forgot: Not just every latin girl speak english on this site, but nobody never married, and NOBODY has a children! Aha! In Latin-America! Every girls has children, not important model or what. More chance if she is pretty!

  4. Panzerfuast

    09/05/2019 at 12:10

    ** ONE PROFILE SENT ME HER EMAIL ADDRESS (VERY RARE FOR THIS SITE) AND WHEN I CONTACTED HER, SHE REPLIED HAD NOT BEEN A MEMBER OF AMOLATINA FOR OVER 2 YRS AND SITE STILL USES HER PROFILE** After (2) years on site as of October 2017 (figured out after 3 months something not right and yes I am slow but desperation at my age leaves me open to attack) anyway only reason I stay is never seen such perfect women to my taste they are fake (if too good to be true than it is)** I set up alternate site with profile picture of Frankenstein and still they all want me -!!. Seen some members on other dating sites under different name and living in the USA -**one male member who looked like male model and had perfect profile for any woman told me that he was wondering why every time gets close to meeting “profile” they change subject (if this man could not get date with “profile” then no chance for 95% men if these “profiles” are real (ONLY WITH I COULD RATE SITE IN THE NEGATIVE – EVEN WHEN CONTACTING SITE WITH EVIDENCE OF FAKE PROFILES THEY GIVE RUN AROUND) **DO NO WASTE YOUR MONEY – I AM EMBARRASSED ON WHAT I SPENT ON FANTASY**

  5. Leoonel

    09/16/2019 at 20:56

    amolatina is a scam

    Message: don’t spend any penny on anastasia ,amolatina, asiandate and arabicdate or africandate, all are the.same owner a big scamer guys. all are a.fake profiles stealing your money and playing with your feelings they using slaves on china, southamerica arabia and India to make you spend money and money on chats and stupid fake letters. becareful GUYS I fall in love in one a those and I almost suicide. don’t let that.happen send this scamer to the authorities or police

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