1. Santandercito and Salto de Tequedama waterfall

Sandandercito is only a couple of hours from Colombia`s capital, Bogota. It`s a beautiful and peaceful village. The breathtaking waterfall “Salto de Tequendama can be visited on the way to Santandercito offering great views, zoo, an orchid garden and walks. A ideal place to just chill out.

The bus leaves every 20 minutes to this village and the bus ride takes about 4 hours.

Salto de Tequendama is a 132 meters high waterfall. According to the legend of the Muisca, this waterfall was created by Bochica, who used his powers to break the rock and release the water covered the Bogota Savannah. Bochica was the hero of their civilization, who according to legend brought morals and laws to the people and taught them agriculture and other crafts and abilities. During the month of December the falls become completely dry.

2. Chicaque Nature Park


Are you still looking for a romantic gateway less than an hour from Bogota?

Then discover the Chicaque Nature Park. It`s an amazing park with a lush vegetation, waterfalls, stunning views over the mountain and large varieties of birds to watch (more than 300). Did you know that bird watching friends can find the most species in the world in Colombia?

Chicaque includes a 18 km of footpaths through seven different types of forest. Experience more than 300 species of birds and 20 of mammals.

A little private chalet with chimney, staying in a dorm in the refuge or camping in the valley the choice is up to you. We recommend to bring some jumperss as it can get fresh at night.

The Refuge provides really delicious food in the large dining room within a large fireplace in the middle. Besides that it has a balcony with impressive view of the valley of San Antonio de Tequendama. The guitarist in the evening will complete the romantic atmosphere during your stay.

3. Guasca and Lagunas de Siecha


Guasca is a very interesting town about 45 minutes away from Bogota. There`s a lovely colonial church. Near to this town there are the beneficial and medicinal hot springs about 15 minutes outside of the town.

There is just one Hotel in town. We recommend to stay there if you would like to start your hike early. The rooms start at 40 000 Colombian pesos for 2 people. This is about 17 $.

Outside of the town Guasca, there`s a well known Hotel and restaurant “Posada Cafe de la Huerta”. It`s a Bed and Breakfast with wonderful rooms. The restaurant has a fireplace inside, perfect moment for aromatic Colombian coffee. You can also rent a Jeep. Here you can check out the website of Pasada Cafe de la Huerta, http://www.cafelahuerta.com/

The walk is for about 6 hours to the Siecha Lakes. It is indeedly an unique insight into the flora and fauna of the Colombian Paramo. That`s the ecosystem which is found only in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. The combination of heavy rains and high altitude makes the place a very fertile place for exotic flowers and plants. You might spot deers, bears or the beautiful Colombian condors.

The walk will take you up to 3.500 meters above the sea level. The heavy rain and cold can make it a bit challening. The guide costs 40 000 COP that is about 17 $. Guides will also be ready to help you organizing your transportation from Gusca to the entrance of the park.

You can take a bus from Bogota to Guasca. It takes about a hour and costs 5000 Pesos one way, about 2 $ You can the buses between 5 am in the morning until 7 pm.

4. Zipaquira and the underground Salt cathedral


Zapquira is just 1 hour away from Bogota. It`s famous Salt Cathedral is the reason why thousands of tourists visit this place every week.

The city itself is a enchanting, colonial city with about 70 000 inhabitants. Before you visit the the salt mines you can visit the church and enjoy a delicious colombian meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes.

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira are a huge underground cathedral with impressive sculptures, a really good work of art.  You can take a guide. The cathedral is generally meant to imitate the last 13 stages of the life of Jesus. You can see the uniqueness of the arquitecture.

The cathedral is just a 10 to 15 minutes walk from the town of Zipaquira.

In addition from Zipaquira you can go to the wonderful Guatavita Lake.

5. Termales Santa Monica hot springs


The hot springs of Santa Monica a hidden jewel near to Bogota. Take a bus ride of 1 hour from Bogota to this hot springs. You can choosse between a variety of saunas, hot springs, jacuzzis, private and public pools. It will give you the best experience of relaxation, comfort, rest and joy. As a result of the physical and chemical characteristics of the water in the hot springs, they have therapeutical effects which relieve and restore people’s health.

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