People in Colombia are extremely passionate and the hot weather explain the active and intense sexuality found in the country.

Sex is present in many cultural elements, such as the dance “Reggaeton” (the Reggaeton dance replicates the act of sex in mime and dance). Reggaeton is originally from Puerto Rico and Panama, but it´s very popular in Colombia.

In Colombia the obsession of beauty can be found everywhere: the media, novelas or even everyday in the way many people present and dress themselves. The physical appearance is very important in Colombia. Often pretty girl get jobs, just because of their looks.  There is also a massive business of plastic surgery in Colombia…
It is quite common that parents pay for their daughters breast, and sometimes even butt implants, when the dauther turns 15 or 18.

Colombian is a very religious country with cultural rules and it is important for many Colombian women to build a relationship before engaging in sexual activity. 

Unfortunately, the culture is very macho dominated and men are in the most cases very unfaithful, having regular affairs and often having children with different women.

This is the main reason why many Colombian women are looking for foreign gentlement, for a serious commitment.

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