Top star Rihanna shared a clip of a Colombian fan and named her  a “cutie”.

The close up shot showing off the Colombian beauty with a wide grin and intense red lips. It is Natalia Betancourt.

Shortly after Rihanna posted this clip it became viral. Who is the women from this clip? As far as we know she`s a model, takes great selfies, has a cat and loves soccer.

Natalia assures that before the clip went viral she had about 120 followers on Twitter. Now she has got over 54 400 followers. Only after two days a lot of Fans wanted to know what she was doing for living and see more photos.

nataliabetancurh4 Twitter 1.jpg

The answer:
” I`m 25 years old, I`m administrating a contruction company in Medellin and I`m the manager of a cousin who is a singer. The people tell me a lot of nice things, like how great I`m representing the beauty of Colombia. They also asked me for marriage ( laughs), but I`m already having a man on my side.” said Natalia Betancourt.

nataliabetancurh4 Instagram 4.jpg

Here you can see her twitter account:



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