Todays topic is compatibility.
If you are interested in LTR with a Colombian woman or just any other woman
compatibility is an import topic to consider, in order to increase chances of a long lasting
and fullfilling relationship.

For a relationship with a Colombian Woman there are some extra points to consider, due to the cultural differences.

Please make sure to disuss following points with your partner / possible candidate in order to find out if you are compatible for each other.

You don´t have to be 100% compatible in all points, since love isn´t something perfectly calculable and partners sometimes can adapt to one another but our experience has shown that being compatible in many points is a great advantage.

Age Compatibility

We don´t recommend relationships with a big age difference. Althought for the relationship with a latin woman the age difference can be higher. An age difference of about 5-20 years is considered “normal” in Colombia, but not all Colombian women are interested in having a much older partner, so make sure to ask her if your age is ok for her.

Similar interests / hobbies

Of course similar interests is also an important point to consider. For instance if your idea of a nice evening is reading a nice book and the only thing she wants is to go out dancing all night (which is not uncommon in Colombia), she will get bored very soon. Now, not all Colombian women are addicted to dancing every day, even Colombian people have different interests and personalities.


If you have a job where you are rarely at home, this might be problem for some women.
Although Colombian women are usually very homely and apaptive and wouldn´t mind that.
If you are very active and like to hit the gym every 2nd day and she prefers sitting on the coach watching TV
this also might be ideal.
If you are living in a small village somewhere in U.S consider that Bogota is a huge city and the girls from the capital are used to a metropolian lifestyle.
Make sure to explain your partner your lifestyle and living situation
to make sure if you would be also compatible on this level.

Expectation Compatibility

Most Colombian women already have children or are interested in forming a family with kids.
Ask yourself if you are willing to accept a child or two or if you are actually interested in having a family with kids.
Although unsual, other Colombian women are not in the hurry of giving birth to a child.

So make sure that you discuss the following points with your possible candidate to find out how compatible you are. 

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