San Agustin is well known as one of most significant and mysterious ancient places in South America. Archeologists believe that native people settled in this region of san Agustin the year 3 300 BC. The indiginous people of San Agustin choosed to settle down near the place where the Andes mountains branch into three new cordilleras (eastern, central and western) and western) and where the three most important rivers in Colombia (Magdalena, Cauca and Patia) begin. Here you can also enjoy adventure tourism, such as rock-climbing, nature walks and white-water rafting.

Where is San Agustin?

San Agustin is a small village and archeological park in the department of Huila in Colombia.


The indigenous people of San Agustin produced more than 500 impressive statues, sarcophagi and petroglyphs. The porpouse of the fantastic and mysterious statues is still unknown by most of the people who visit the park. Ranging from a height from only 20 centimter up to 7 meters. The statues potray a wide variety of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures.

Under these you`ll find varois sacred animals such as jaguars, snakes, frogs and great birds. For the native people of Colombia the statues have a unique power which lies beyond their visual apprearance.

Watch this video about the Park of San Agustin 

YouTube video

Where to eat

There`s a great little pizza place. On the opposite side of he main plaza you will find  a pink neon light outside of the restaurant. The restaurant is owned by a half French and half German women who came here as a tourist many years ago. She does not have a menu you just tell her what you desire on your pizza. She even offers to divide the toppings up by slice so you can try all sorts of combinations.

The  cheap little burger bar you fill find on your way to the main plaza. It has got some supsringly tasty burgers and fries, a small trip there might get you the biggest smiles you ever have seen.

The vegetarian restaurant – El Tomate:
El tomate is a nice vegetarian restaurant. Delicious, amazing, freshly prepared, innovative & affordable for everyone. Creating a balanced & nutritious fusion whilst preserving the natural essence of flavors & food. Breakfast, lunch menu (7.5pp), whole grain bakery, natural jams & more. Mon-Fri 8am-3pm. High season: open every day. @Cll 5 # 16-04, main road to the archaeological park. Cel: 
314-265 55 27. 

Where to Stay

Hotel Colonial

Hotel Colonial is a cheap and very simple hotel. The guide from the Hotel is very reliable in organzing horse back riding tours and jeep tours around the beautiful countryside of san Agustin.

El jardin

El jardin is located only 5min from the square & public transport services. It is a simple and traditional house that offers cheap rates per night. The friendly staff will bring a Colombian coffee to your room in the morning to start the day on the right foot. You can enjoy TV in the dining room or relax in their small garden next to the cabins.
Private rooms = 15-18pp/n. Cabaña = 25pp/n.

WiFi free – Hot Showes – Book Exchange – Coffee free – Kitchen – Laundry – Free local calls – Towels – Parking.

Free Wifi


Cll 4 # 4-10, San Agustín

Cel: 313-295 03 98
Cel: 314-488 62 20

What to do?

The beautiful nature offers a great range of sports activities such as rappel, hiking, horseback riding, rock-climbing, nature walks and white-water rafting. Take a Jeep tour to visit the archaeological sites & admire the natural beauty

Archaeological Parks:

Mysterious sculptures & statues from San Agustín’s aboriginal culture. The entrance fee is valid for 2 days & can be used for the 3 parks:

Parque Arq (Bosque de las Estatuas is located here) +Alto de los Idolos (the biggest statue = 7m/23ft) + Alto de las Piedras. From 8am-4pm (up to Bosque) & until 5:30pm (other parts), 20pp. From the village to the Arq. Park: T = 5min, 5/tr. Obando park where the tombs are located = 2pp.


La Chaquira:


Enjoy a breathtaking view over the canyon, hills & the Magdalena river surrounded by waterfalls. The exuberant green carpet of nature stretching out beyond you. From town 10min by foot.

Salto de Mortino waterfall


Enjoy the impressive waterfall with its 180 meters.


Here are some examples of the statues function in San Agustin:

The jaguar energy


The statue above symbolizes the jaguar energy a with an altitude from about 2.7 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide. His hands were placed across his chest as if he were in a relaxed position, and his focused eyes and wide nostrils seemed to indicate that the Jaguar-man (or  rather said Shaman) was in an altered state of consciousness. The jaguar energy has the power to clean every external, undesired and obstructive energies.

The colibri


The colibri energy is dicated to the process of expansion. The energy of the colibri helps us to hear our inner voice clearly and to be connected to it. The colibri helps us also in the discovering of our own purpose. From the symbolism it potrays the energy of the valor and someone who has the valor to go into his own spiritual journey on Earth.

 The serpent power or Kundalini



The above statues potrays the serpent power on the back or the spine. The serpent power is also called the Kundalini energy which flows when activated through the whole chakras. The serpent power is the infinte potential and universal energy in us. The old vedic writings say that when we are totally conscoius and in the present the Kundalini power will give us a feeling of beeing connected to a infinite energy source.

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