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Read on to find out how our service can support you in finding the woman of your dreams.

The benefits of our Personal matchmaking Service:

1. Safe time and meet pre-screened marriage-minded Colombian women that are interested in getting to know you right away!

Looking through online dating profiles, sending messages, cultivating up contacts and organizing several dates in a short period of time can be a real challenge, which consumes a lot of time, effort, and endurance.

The problem is that the popular online date sites and apps are full of gold diggers ( unserious women only interested in money ). This makes it very difficult to find suitable marriage-minded latin women on your own.

Unlike other matchmaking services, we only schedule introductions with ladies, that are marriage-minded, that meet your given criteria
that have seen your personal information and photos and that 
are actually interested in getting to know you.

At the same time we only work with pre-screen Colombian Single ladies, that meet the agencies critiera and that serious seeking a long-term relationship that will to marriage.

We believe that this is the fundamental condition, in order to make a matchmaking service effective.

This is one of the key benefits, which will safe you a lot of time and will provide you the best possible chances to find the right Latin bride.

If you are fluent in Spanish and you don´t need a translation service we offer special discounts on our Personal Matchmaking Tour.


2. Your safety is our priority

Have you ever been to Colombia before?
If you haven´t been to Colombia or an other latin country before you may encounter a cultural shock. Everything is different.  Bogota (Colombia’s capital) can be considered as more or less safe now (for Latin American standards)  compared to how Colombia was 20 years age, but it is still very chaotic very different to your home country. Also, you will encounter a country where it will be hard to find anyone speaking English.

In fact, we do not recommend anyone to visit Colombia alone unless you have traveled to other Latin American countries before and you are a very experienced and adventurous “Latin America Traveller.”
Colombia is a great country to visit but you will have the best and safest experience with a professional tour guide who will be always available for you during your stay. The safety of our clients is our main focus, thus we provide them with a personal guide and assistant during their stay in Colombia.

3. Personal interpreter

90 % of Colombians don´t speak any or just very basic English. Using an online translator all the time is very tedious and often will lead to misunderstandings! With our personal tour, we will provide you with a professional interpreter, providing a natural conversational flow in a relaxed atmosphere that avoids misunderstandings.

Are you fluent in Spanish  ?
We offer special deals for special deals for our Spanish speaking clients !

4. Meet many marriage candidates of your criteria in a short period of time.

Our clients have up to 14 dates per trip.  It would be a real challenge to organize that many dates, with women that meet your criteria, by yourself, in this short period of time. Many men interested in a latin wife or girlfriend often end up visiting Colombia to meet just ONE lady and when the relationship doesn’t work out the whole trip is wasted.

Our personal matchmaking tours are designed so that YOU get the most out of your trip !

Colombian Women trust us that we will introduce them to quality gentlemen with serious intentions since they have to give us their contact information at registration ( addresses, various numbers ect.) We always have a way to reach them.

5. Only one to one introductions – No group events or tours

We only offer personal one to one introductions. Our personal matchmaking service is designed for just one single gentleman at the time. No group tours where you have to compete with 15 other men over 50 random women. Please be informed that these traditional romance tours / bachelor parties are a scam, they are what they not what they appear to be and have they a very low success rate.

5. We will support you in case you want to marry one of our female members in Colombia.

Imagine you have found your Colombian lady and want to marry her in Colombia.  You don´t speak Spanish and you have no idea how to go about it,
there will be obstacles which can drive you crazy. We have heard stories from couples, that have met on other dating sites, that gave up the process of getting married after dealing with Colombian authorities for months and months !

This these cases the couples has to struggle in the jungle of Colombian incompetence and false information and wasting several trips.
Colombia does have laws, but they are sometimes interpreted in many ways.. We are very experienced in marriage affairs and we work together with several notaries, which are experienced in marriages for foreigners.
We regularly  host marriages of our clients in Colombia and make sure that the entire process runs smoothly and without problems.

Our experience has shown that with Personal Matchmaking Service you will have the highest possible chances of finding YOUR Latin Soulmate.
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