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    Single – soltera/o


    Pensacola, Florida


    United States

    About me:

    . I am an attorney and I have my own business. I live in Pensacola, Florida which is a beautiful small town by the ocean. There are a lot of great activities here and it is a comfortable place to live. I do not have children and I have not been married.

    I grew up living in different countries and I have an appreciation for different cultures and values. Also, my family is mixed culturally as well. I am looking abroad because I feel I can find someone who I have a lot in common with and because I am looking for my soulmate. I would love to have a family that also embraces different cultures and traditions. I think it would enrich my life and that of my future family.  I joined this agency to take a chance on happiness and finding a better way and a happier way to live. I want the next phase of my life to have a lot more joy and love in it.

    I would describe myself as someone who loves learning new things. I enjoy music, art, languages and culture. I am an active person and go to the gym during the week. I love to laugh and make people laugh. enjoy exercise, yoga, and jogging and riding my bike or just taking a walk around the city. I love to travel and learn new things. One of the great things about where I live is that it is within a short driving distance to some bigger cities. Even when I do not have a lot of time to travel, I enjoy taking short trips to nearby places and events. Sometimes I just enjoy taking a nice drive and having lunch somewhere peaceful just to see something different. 

    I enjoy cooking and entertaining. I love to spend time with good friends. My friends would describe me as hardworking and intelligent with a good sense of humor. I have two small dogs and a cat and I love animals.

    I am a reliable and sincere person. I rarely complain because I like to spend time finding a solution. I am easy going and I do not get upset easily. I am a good listener and I am love to just sit and have coffee and great conversation or just sit quietly and enjoy each other’s company. I also enjoy watching sports and reading.

    I love music and concerts. Although, I am out of practice, I enjoy playing the guitar and singing and writing little songs.

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I’d love to meet someone who is kind, sweet and fun and outgoing. I’m attracted to people who are confidant and have warm personalities. I am sometimes shy so I like when someone can bring out the best in me. I’d love to find someone who is strong and stable.

    I’d love to meet someone who has strong family values and someone who is close to her family. Most of my family lives quite far from me but we try to stay in touch often. I have 4 brothers. 3 of them are married and two of them have children. 

    Recently, I bought a small townhouse for my mother. I have worked hard to take care of my family as much as I can and so I was happy to be able to find my mom a place that would allow her to be independent. 

    I would like to meet someone who is mature and intelligent who has strong goals for their future. Someone who is kind and joyful, with a  great smile who enjoys life. I hope to find someone who has a variety of interests and is open minded. I’m looking for a reliable and honest person who can be a strong partner and friend. Someone supportive and sensitive with loving personality. Someone who is sensual and intelligent. Ideally I’m looking to find someone for a serious relationship. I am not looking for a housewife but a woman that I can build a strong future with, together. I do work a lot but I am hoping to find someone who can help me create balance and love in my life. 

    I am not concerned about age but I would like to meet someone who is emotionally mature, intelligent and has strong goals for their future. Someone who is kind and joyful with a beautiful smile who enjoys life. I would love to find someone with a great laugh and a positive and hopeful outlook on life. I hope to find someone who has a variety of interests, is educated, active and open minded. I’m looking for a reliable and honest person who can be a great partner, lover and best friend. Someone supportive and helpful and sensitive with a loving personality. Someone who is active and enjoys sports. 

    I hope to find that special person who I come home to everyday and we take a walk together or exercise or just sit and talk over a cup of coffee or wine and dream about a brighter future.

    Finally, I am willing to support my future wife in any way I can. I know how difficult it can be moving to a new country and leaving your family and friends and career behind. I hope that I will meet someone with great personal goals for herself.

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