The minimum monthly salary in Colombia is about $250 (about 600000 Colombian Pesos) about 50% of Colombians in the countryside work for even less. About $500 monthly is considered a good salary for a Colombian professional with a many years of experience. Only a very small percentage of Colombians have salaries from $ 500 – $1200 a month. Salaries higher than than are extremely rare in Colombia.

Colombians think that most Americans and Europeans are rich. If you earn something more than $1500 a month from a Colombian point of view you are rich.
Most Colombians have to live in conditions that you can not imaging.
Most women are forced to live forever with their parents forever
and sometimes they don´t have enough to eat.
Only very few Colombian men can offer their girlfriends an apartment because they are also forced to live with their parents.

If you can provide a Colombian woman a apartment where you don´t live with your parents, siblings and grandparents all together and you $1500 Colombian women will consider you to be rich.

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