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What is Matchmaking?

Matchmakers have been successfully introducing people for thousands of years within various cultures. Introduction Agencies have formally been in existence in since before WW2. The popularity of Matchmaking Agencies is growing every year with many people wishing to find an alternative to online dating and to meet a certain calibre of partner.
The success rate, confidentiality, elegant and personal approach to dating attracts high profile people as well as time-stretched busy executives. A personal matchmaking service is no longer purely for the very wealthy- it is within the reach of any successful professional. Just as one would engage the services of any professional, savvy singles understand the benefits of working with a professional matchmaker.


Personal Matchmaking Service
of My Colombian Wife

My Colombian Wife is a successful matchmaking agency based in Bogota, Colombia. You will have found us because you are looking for an unique personal matchmaking service. A place where the selective single executive has the opportunity to be matched with their perfect partner.
Senior executives do not tend to have the time or inclination for online dating and with a busy career and life, matchmaking is often the most intelligent option.
With us, you can expect an innovative, discreet, confidential, exclusive experience whilst you start on (or continue) your exciting journey to find ‘the right one’. Our clients are typically busy, sophisticated, successful professionals  who not only enjoy the best things in life, they want to share them with like-minded partners too. They are attractive, dynamic, intelligent and although aren’t ‘desperate’ for a partner, they would love to complete the picture with someone special who is their friend, soul mate and lover.
Our matchmaking service is probably very different to what you would expect from an Introduction Agency. We take this very important aspect of your life seriously and are totally pro-active in helping you to find that special someone. It is after all, one of the most important decisions of your life.

All members are personally interviewed & vetted by highly trained consultants. We accept clients of ages 20 – 75. Total discretion & confidentiality at all times. Totally transparent in fees and process.

How does Matchmaking with My Colombian Wife work?

Here at MCW, our Personal Matchmakers interview every single member. We also do extensive checks on members to ensure they are who they say they are.

During this 3 months 75% of our clients decide to book our Bogota VIP tour in order to meet potential female members from our website personally in Bogota, Colombia. This is where our actual matchmaking service starts. Our clients inform us about their criteria and we schedule dates with women that suit the clients criteria. With our tour you will have a professional dating coach and interpreter available, to ensure best communciation and experience possible. MCW is with you every step of the way, guiding, advising and of course providing exciting introductions.


Which membership options do you offer?

Right now we are offering a membership down payment which includes the reservation for the tour.
for 399 USD
Click here for further information.

The cost for our tour membership varies depending on how many days you will use our personalized matchmaking service.
Click here for further information.

What, exactly, are the average women who use your service expecting? What are their desires? Their life goal? and why aren’t Colombian men working out for them?

The women are expecting to finally meet an understanding, sincere man who treats them good.
They are longing for a serious and stable relationship. Their life goal is to form a nice family and to be a good wife and have children.
Most Colombian men aren´t working out for our female members because most Colombian men do not take women seriously.
This men just don´t want to have a stable relationship with just one woman.
Many Colombian men also just don`t treat their women right. They cheat and lie at them all the time.

The thing is, that many Colombian women have the idea that American Men are the “perfect husbands”
because in Colombia foreign men have the fame to have all the characteristics that colombian women desire from the bottom of their heart.
The characteristics which are attributed to American Men are the following:
Trustworthiness, sincerity, honesty, stability, kindness, tranquillity, loyalty, good-heartedness, good listeners, intelligence and generosity.
If you have only some of the upper mentioned characteristics you are more than a colombian girl could ever dream of.


Does guy’s height matters a lot to Colombian women?

The general height of Colombian men is about 170.64 cm (5′ 7.2″). This means that many men are even shorter than that.
The general height of Colombian women is 158.65 cm (5′ 2.4″) if you are somewhat taller than 170 cm that you are tall in Colombia. 

Can Colombian Women visit the United States just like that?

Only a very small percentage of well-off Colombian women will be abel to get a visitor´s visa. The United States and Canadian embassies look for indicators that show the visitor intends on returning to her home country. This usually includes property, a professional job, income, or children; that is, significant responsibilities and commitments that would indicate a likely return to Colombia.
The primary countries that Colombians can visit without a visa are the following: EURO SHENGEN COUNTRIES, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Saint Helena, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Trinidad and Tobago.
If you want to meet her, you will have to visit her in Colombia. We recommend meeting Colombian Women with our VIP-tour.

What Is the educational level and earning potential of Colombian Women?

The educational level of a Colombian women depends on which region where is from. Colombian women from the country side (80% of Colombia) generally have a low educational level (rarely higher than highschool and the Colombian high school degree is not equivalent to a high school degree in a first-world-country).
Some girls from the countryside with wealthier parents move to Bogota to be able to study at a university.

Women from Bogota have the highest educational level in Colombia. The vast mayority of the women from our website are from Bogota, if you look through our galleries you will find out that most women have some kind of university degree.

– Bogota women have the highest educational level in Colombia, followed by Medellin women.
– English proficiency is generally low in Colombia.

Generaly you should anticipate 1 to 2 years of full financial support for your Colombian bride while she improves her English and adjusts to life in your country.

On the otherside, generally many Colombian women prefer to be housewifes, while others (Colombian women with a higher educational level and professional jobs) still want to work.

For those Colombian women with professional jobs in Colombia, it is not likely that they would be able to find equivalent work in the United States or Europe because the quality of education is much lower in Colombia.

Her university degree would not be equivalent to a like degree in the United States or Europe, nor would her university credits be fully transferable.

For example, a Colombian with a nursing degree from Colombia would have to start from the beginning to pursue the same nursing career in the United States.

The truth is that most Colombian women are not spoilt and have very good work ethic because they are used to work very hard and sometimes study at the same time just to get along in Colombia.


What kind of screenings do you do?

The ladies who join our agency have to send us a copy of thier ID  with which we check her police certificates. The ladies are also willing to do
a medical exam on demand. The most ladies join the agency come from good family backgrounds, they are pursuing careers and many do study at universities.
We interview or female members to make sure  that they are actually looking for a long term relationship that leads to marriage.

Where should I stay in Bogota? How much does accomodation in Bogota cost?

– Hostels and Private rooms start from 15 – 30 Dollars the night

– Budget hotels can be found from 30 – 70 Dollars the night.

– Luxury Apartments can be rented from 30 – 80 Dollars the night.
About $ 250 – $ 500 for 7 days/week.
Click here to see apartments in Bogota.

– Decent hotels in good locations start from $ 70 – $ 400 the night.
Please check out our collection of the best hotels in Bogota:
Click here

We will be glad to assist in in finding the proper accomodation during your stay in Bogota, Colombia.


Why should I choose the Personal Matchmaking Tour?

The following are the top 5 reason why our clients choose our tour:

1. You don´t have a time to build up and cultivate contacts and you want to meet some marriage minded Colombian women right away!

Building up contacts and cultivating them sometimes can take some serious patience and time. Also many women of our site do actually have jobs and do not have much time to spend online aswell. If you are a very busy person you might just can´t afford to invest the time it takes to build up and cultivate contacts. The women of our site are willing to meet gentlemen seeking a latin wife right away.

2. Do you know Spanish ?

If the answer is no, we highly recommend you to book our tour, because about 90 % of Colombians don´t speak any or just very basic English. If you book our tour, an unlimited translation service for your correspondence with the ladies of our website is included until your arrival in Colombia. In Colombia we will provide you with a professional american interpreter during your stay in Colombia.

3. Have your ever been to South America before ?

If you haven´t been to South America before you will encounter a cultural shock. Because everything is very different to the USA or Europe. Colombia is now much safer than 20 years ago, but it is still very chaotic. Also, you will encounter a country where it will be hard to find someone trustworthy or even who speaks English. Colombia is a great country to visit but you will have the best experience with a professional tour guide who will be always there for you during your stay in Colombia. Many of our clients have had great experiences in Colombia, which they wouldn´t have had in the same way if they would have travelled alone.

4. Meet many marriage minded Colombian women in a short period of time

Some of our clients had up to 17 dates with beautiful Colombian single women during the 7 days tour!
This is more than 2 dates a day. Our clients were never brought in situations, where they were just starring at the ladies in silence because of the language barrier. Our tour guide/ interpreter enganged them in entertaining conversations.
It is unlikely that you will get to date so many women in such a short period of time in Colombia, if you travel to Colombia by yourself. Colombian women are very distrustful and flakey by nature. Nevertheless, they trust us and take our agency seriously, since they have to give us their details at registration ( adresses, serval numbers ect.)

5. We will support you in case you want to marry a Colombian woman in Colombia

If you want to marry your colombian lady in Colombia and you don´t speak Spanish and you have no idea how to go about it,
there are many obstacles which can drive you crazy. Colombia does have laws, but they are sometimes interpreted in many ways, depending on the level of incompetence and ignorance of the Colombian authorities. We are very experienced in marriage affairs and we work together with serval notaries, which are experienced in marriages for foreigners. If you want to find out more about marriage in Colombia.

I do speak Spanish but I´m still interested in the tour

We do have a special tour offer for spanish speakers, that don´t need an interpreter. Please contact us.

What happens after I pay the reservation fee for the tour?

You will get a confirmation and we will assign you a membership until the time you will travel to Colombia.
If you have a fixed date when you plan to travel to Colombia, please let us know.
After you´ve sent us your booking confirmation for the airplane ticket to Bogota, we will inform our female members when
you will arrive in Bogota, Colombia.
Our professional interpreter and dating coach will support you on your side.

How many ladies will I meet in Bogota?

After making the deposit for the tour you could basically just fly down to Colombia to meet up to 15 – 20 women in 7 days,
without having to communicate with hundreds of ladies online and invest a lot of time setting up dates with them.
The mayority of the ladies do have jobs and study and sometimes don´t have time to check their e-mails regularly.
Our VIP service basically consists in saving you time by arranging the dates with women that meet your criteria for you.
Even though all women on our site are seeking a serious relationship with a foreigner, it does take some serious time
and dedication, to establish serious contacts with many women and organize dates with them, during your stay in Colombia.
Many of our clients can´t invest that much time and patience due to their jobs and would just prefer to just to fly to Colombia and
meet some marriage minded Colombian women who are looking for a committed relationship right away.

Also you should know, that the women of our website are used to have the dates arranged by us, which also provides a service to them.
In many cases we provide them with an interpreter.

In case you can´t use your cellphone in Colombia, we will also provide you with a cellphone, so you will be able to call and be reachable for the ladies, without any extra-fees. We will also arrange the dates for
you and make sure that the ladies arrive at the time and location of the date.

After each date we will personally ask each woman for their feedback and pass it back to you on the phone.

Diana, our dating coach knows the Colombian women in detail, which allows her to give you useful dating tips before you will be meeting selected quality women.

All that and more is included in our services.

Is it possible to come to Colombia and find a wife in one trip?

Yes, in fact we had clients who found their dream wife in one trip. Sometimes it can take longer.

What kind of legal work is involved with marrying a Colombian woman and bringing her to the U.S

After getting engaged with a Colombian Woman there are basically 2 options:

Marriage in Colombia or inviting her to your country with a fiance visa.

Please read following article on marriage in Colombia. Click here.

The fiancé(e) visa is for foreigners who wish to marry a U.S. citizen in the United States and then become legal permanent residents without having to leave the United States. However in any case it will be necessary to meet your future wife in Colombia, since it´s a requirement to have met your
fiance in person, before inviting her with a fiance K1 visa.

Your U.S. citizen fiancé(e) must file a Form I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiancé(e)) by mail at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Service Center in the United States with jurisdiction over your fiancé(e)’s place of residence (US EMBASSY in Bogota)

USCIS forwards the approved petition to the Department of State’s National Visa Center, which then sends it to the Immigrant Visa Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Colombia. The Immigrant Visa Unit will send you a Package of Instructions for K-1/K-2 applicants.

You have ninety (90) days from entry into the United States in which to marry your U.S. citizen fiancé(e). After your marriage takes place in the United States, you and your U.S. citizen spouse must contact USCIS to change your status to that of legal permanent resident. The change of status is NOT automatic.

Most Colombian women do not have the financial   resources to finance their Visa and stay in the US.
Therefore, in order to highly increase the chances that your colombian fiance will obtain the visa,
we highly recommed to sponsor her visa.  I order to sponsor her visa and stay in the USA you have to do an affidavit of sponsor.
This form look like this. click here

How do I book the tour?

In order to book the tour you pay the reservation fee. Click here to book the tour now.


What does the tour not include?

– Your airplane ticket from your destination to Bogota and back.
– Accomodation (Hotel)
– Personal expenses
-Exprenses for the dates


What does the Bogota-VIP-Tour include?

Our BOGOTA-VIP-TOUR includes:

– Pick up from the airport.

– Interpreter available in Bogota for 1 week

– PERSONAL introductions of ladies a day with Colombian ladies in Bogota

– Quickly get in touch with many Colombian Women seeking a serious relationship or marriage.


In which way is this agency different from other marriage agencies?

Our agency focuses on Latin women from Bogota, Colombia, who are seeking men for a serious relationship. They are not models. There are many fake agencies out there which feature only photos of models. They even pay these models to respond to the messages.

Our service is designed to personally cater to your needs. Everything is included in the tour membership.


Is it safe to travel to Colombia?

It´s one of the most oft-asked and oft-Googled topics for people interested in Colombia travel: just how safe is Colombia?

There are still no-go areas in the country. We haven´t heard of any recent cases but from what locals (the experts in these matters) we know, there are certain places that are just best to avoid. What we have found is that these places aren´t generally where we want to visit anyway, and the routes that most people follow here (for example from Bogota to Cartagena) are completely safe.

In our experience (mostly in Bogota), risks have been no greater than we found when we have lived in other capital cities like Buenos Aires, Lima or Santiago de Chile or when we´ve traveled to other big cities. We found the same when we were in Cartagena and Medellin, which are both popular with tourists and feel very safe. Another point to take into account is that the main crime hotspots aren´t the same as the main tourist hotspots.

Safety in Colombia is an important issue, because safety when traveling is an important issue, but there´s so much magic in this country that it´s a shame when the topic seems to obscure everything that´s on offer here.
Anyway, you´ll have the advantage to have our staff around 24/7, so we can personally take care of your security. And of course we will only take you to places in Bogota which a completely save for you.

I just hate it when I write to a woman and I really like her just to find out a month later she is now getting serious with someone she has been talking to for longer than me. How can this be avoided ?

We always try to reserve the woman for our client, but we cannot give a 100% guarantee. Since we do not own the women, we recommend being in contact with several women at the same time. We also recommend coming to Colombia within 2-3 months of becoming a member. There hasn´t been a case where an interested woman, who was in contact with a client, wasn´t available for a date in Colombia.

Do the women have to pay to appear on this website?

No, our service is completely free for them.

Which payment options do I have?

We accept payments via credit card until 399 USD and bank wire payments.


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Concerns or questions?

Please contact us in case you have a question regarding our services. CALL US AT: 347-983-0204 (U.S) Thank you!

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