The educational level of a Colombian women depends on which region where is from. Colombian women from the country side (80% of Colombia) generally have a low educational level (rarely higher than highschool and the Colombian high school degree is not equivalent to a high school degree in a first-world-country).
Some girls from the countryside with wealthier parents move to Bogota to be able to study at a university.

Only women from Bogota have the highest educational level in Colombia. The vast mayority of the women from our website are from Bogota, if you look through our galleries you will find out that most women have some kind of university degree.

– Bogota women have the highest educational level in Colombia, followed by Medellin women.
– English proficiency is generally low in Colombia

You should anticipate 1 to 2 years of full financial support for your Colombian bride while she improves her English and adjusts to life in your country.

On the otherside, generally many Colombian women prefer to be housewifes, while others (Colombian women with a higher educational level and professional jobs) still want to work.

For those Colombian women with professional jobs in Colombia, it is not likely that they would be able to find equivalent work in the United States or Europe because the quality of education is much lower in Colombia.

Her university degree would not be equivalent to a like degree in the United States or Europe, nor would her university credits be fully transferable.

For example, a Colombian with a nursing degree from Colombia would have to start from the beginning to pursue the same nursing career in the United States.

The truth is that most Colombian women are not spoilt and have very good work ethic because they are used to work very hard and sometimes study at the same time just to get along in Colombia.

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