Colombian native and Pianist Pablo Mayor uses his unique performances as a bridge between Colombia and the United States. As a former university professor and jazz program director he established within only a few years his musical career in the United States.

People who know him describe him as increibly inventive and passionate. His wife Anna Povich, as his wife, manager and flutist of his band says:” He is a producer, artist, educator, connector, promoter and composer. I would say that he`s the representative for Colombian music. Even the consulate calls him.”

In fact Pablo is an outstanding pianist and mayor founder of Folklore Urbano Orchestra, a group that unites Colombian folk music with contemporary Jazz. In total the group consists of 12 people and they were already part at nearly every major event in New York city.

One of his most favourite tours was in one of Manhattan`s most popular Latin music clubs, the SOB`s, “Sound of Brazil”, on Colombia`s Independence Day. “Everyone one was dancing to my music.” he reminds himself.

Pablo Mayor always believed in his musical vision. He was born in Cali, Colombia. In the early 1990`s he went to the University of North Texas. After studying serval years Jazz in the US, he began to devote in reconnecting Jazz with his cultural roots. He became totally passionate about this after he met Marco, Vinicio, son of Toto la Momposina, a legenddary Colombian singer. She`s been famous for bringing alive the musical tradition of Colombia`s Carribean coast though her energetic voice and band. Mayor worked together with he on their album, Pacanto.

Challenging sterotypes about Colombia motivates Pablo Mayor`s passion to unite Colombia`s traditional rythms with the audiences around the world. People associate Colombia with only bad things and I want to change that.”

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