The Coffee region is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colombia. This region is better known as the “Coffee Triangle”. Tourism has been enormously growing over the last years and more and more tourists from all over the world are discovering this stunning coffee region. Here you can witness how this excellent coffee is beeing cultivated. You can also get to know the local coffee farmer while taking a guide in your language. Enjoy the impressive landscape and take the tour to the popular Coffee Triangle.

What makes this coffee so unique and special?



The origin. The warm temperature, the climate and especially the fact that the rich volcanic soil is perfectly supporting the cultivation of one of the best coffee`s worldwife. This can easily be noticed by the mild and flavourful aroma. Colombians know that these mentioned conditions make the coffee from this region so unique.

Where is the Coffee Triangle?

The Coffee Triangle is located between Armenia, Periera and Manizales. The beautfiul nature gives tourists the opportunity for all kinds of sports activities like rafting, kayaking, paragliding and hiking.

Discover the Parque Nacional del Cafe (National Coffee Park): For an interesting insight into the coffee production and beautiful landscapes with traditional houses.


The coffee park counts among others with following attractions:

– Los rapidos

This new attraction LOS RAPIDOS is pure adrenaline and fun for the whole family.
These boats can carry up to 9 persons in the rough waters of the across channel.


For the best photographs , enjoy the best view of the Quindio region.

In the park there are basically two sections with the traditional buildings and a theater showing the history of the coffee. In the both areas of the park you will find a stunning coffee garden and a bamboo forest.

Visit the Valle de Cocora (Cocora Valley) for hills covered with wax palm (palma de cera) and a breathtaking view.Walk around Salento: Enjoy Spanish colonial buildings in bright colors with beautiful hand crafts shops and hospitable people. These are some of the most popular things you can visit in the Coffee Triangle.

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