“Usaquen” is  located In the north of the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Usaquen is a little romantical and comfortable village within the city.

Although the architectural transformation of the area, the main old town of Usaquén kept its traditional style, and right now you can enjoy the feeling of being in a small colonial town at the edge of the eastern mountains of Bogota, right beside a very modern zone of the city.


In Usaquen you will find a great number of wonderful restaurants. Try the restaurant 80 Sillas, the 7,16 Steakhouse or La Tienda del Cafe.




If you are seeking a really special and exotic restaurant with really great atmosphere and music then go to the restaurant Kathmandu. Click here to read our article about the restaurant Kathmandu in Bogota, Colombia.

In the restaurant Osaki you can enjoy excellent prepared asian dishes. From Sushi to Thai Curry. http://www.osaki.com.co/menu/#!las-comidas/carnes/

If you`re prefering spanish food then go to Bar-Restaurant Sepulveda Tapas for some exquisit spanish tapas and wine.


As some say the best cupcakes are baked by ana. That`s the name of cafe “Baked by Any”. Enjoy from a great range of delicious homemade cup cakes. http://www.bakedbyana.com/2012/

A crafts fair near Usaqu}n's main plaza offered a variety of items for sale.

In the church of Santa Maria in Usaquen you can see artworks by the famous Colombian artist, Gregorio Vasquez. Every Sunday there`s local food and craft market. Here you can buy vynil records, lather garments, accessories, footwear, wallets, homemade marmelades, cakes, coca products, coca tea, coca cookies ect.


Usaquen is indeed a peaceful and romantic part of Bogota. The colonial architecture has been carefully maintained. Especially in the evenings when the lightly orange touched lights are turned on. By walking on the streets you will find all kind of street musicians, from jazz groups to reggae groups playing live in Usaquen.
In sumary Usaquen is the perfect place if you are seeking  a quiet place with a romantical and magical atmosphere.

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