The World Cup 2014 has come to its final round.
The match will be played on Sunday 13th of July in Rio de Janeiro. Germany and Argentina have already met twice in former World Cups finals. One time in the year 1986 were the Argentians were the winners with 3 – 2 against West Germany.
While Germany´s won with 1 to 0 versus Argentina in 1990.



Top player of Argentina – Lionel Messi

The briliant soccer player Lionel Messi is well known for his straight forward abilities. When observing him on the field he always seems to be pretty relaxed and determined. Some critics say that the team would dependent too munch on Messi.

Messi currenly is at position 4 on the top scorers of this world cup. With 4 goals and 1 assit,  he shares position with Neymar (Brazil), which is actually on position 3. James Rodriguez (Colombia) is currently  leading the list of top scorers with 6 goals and 2 assits, followed by Thomas Müller (Germany) with 5 goals and 3 assists.

Of course this list can still change, if Messi would score 2 goals and assist to an other goal in the final against Germany,
he would end up being the top scorer of this world cup.

Thomas Müller from Germany would only need to score 1 goal against Argentina, to end up as the top scorer of this World Cup.

However, Messi holds the Guinness World Record title for the most goals in a calendar year: 91 goals

The Argentinian goal keeper Segio Romero

Maxi Rodriguez, Sergio Romero

Sergio Romero has won the favor of his fans in the match against the Netherlands. He saved two penalites from the Netherlands which let Argentina win. Argentina has good opportunities to survive the 90 minutes with their top goal keeper Sergio Romero.

Some may say that the Netherlands already had been quite a challenge but let`s see what happens when Argentina plays against Germany.

We all have seen that penalty shootouts have been the norm lately in the elemination stages.


After the impressive 7:1 win over Brazil everything seems to be possible for the Germans. They have the skills to give Argentina real trouble. Two giants, two excellent teams will play in the final of the World Cup 2014.

One of Germany`s top player is Thomas Müller, but unlike for other teams, Müller is not the only star in the team.


He is the second top scorer of this World Cup with 5 goals behind Colombia`s James Rodrigues.
Müller is an expert on his field and has covered most ground in the World Cup with 68.8 kilometers. He seems to understand the needs of his team and supports them in the right moment. Müller describes himself as a “Raumdeuter” which means “space interpreter”. He is someone who exactly knows how the game works.

Miroslav Klose 


Lets remember the Quarter-Finals of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa:

Germany 4 Argentina 0

‘The four goals had been shot by Friedrich Arne, Mirsoslav Klose and Müller. Klose scored 2 goals in this match.

It is also worth to mention that Klose is now leading the list of the World Cup Top Scorers of all time with 16 goals in total !

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Will history repeat itself?

What do you think? Which team will win the Cup this year?


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