Calmness characterizes Jose Pekerman (the Colombia coach), as he spoke at the press conference after the 4-1 victory of Colombia against Japan.

“We are very pleased. We won today (Tuesday) a very difficult match as expected. This gives us confidence to win all three group matches. We demonstrate that we are a close group.” he said.
Looking ahead to the knockout stages, Pekerman faces a historic team, a world champion and always forefront of the world’s best. “We are facing one of the biggest teams in South America and the world. They have players that will never surrender or relax. They also have a lot of experience, “he said.

“The important thing was that the players have understood what this competition requires. We know there are experienced teams and we grow game after game. The boys are motivated, the group has a goal. It feels good to have a strong team against Uruguay. “he added.

Finally, he added that the preparation of his team has been  good and all 23 players are well prepared to play.” They know they must compete intensely, playing together and know that everyone has to be prepared, because every game is different and you must keep the identity in order that everyone can function, at the right time, when they get their chance.

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