If you google Latin brides or Latin Romance Tours, or Matrimonial Services in Latin America you will find out that most websites only feature Colombian women.

Latin Brides is almost a synomyn for Colombian women.

Have you ever wondered why Colombian girls are considered the untouched number one Latin Brides?

Here are 3 reasons why.

1. Colombian Girls are considered one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful women in Latin America.

In Colombia you will find a rich variety and a mix of exotic and even caucasian looking women.
In most other Latin American countries you will only find indigenous or afro-american looking women.

Sure, with expection of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile , and some southern parts of Brazil, but most Latin women from these countries do not consider themselves Latinas, some of them consider themselves Europeans and are as vain as European girls.

Colombian women are curvy and have their curves at the right places.
This is one physical characteristic that men who are interested in Latinas love.

In fact, most Americans that are looking for a Latin wife, are not looking for native indigenous looking South American women or black Latina women, that´s why they find Colombian women attractive and suitable for marriage.

Colombian women come close to what they image, when they think of the perfect Latina.

That is probably the number one reason, why Colombian girls are considered the number one among Latin Brides.


2. Many Colombian Girls are seeking foreign gentlemen for a serious and long term relationship.

The problem in Colombia is that there are too many unfaithful Colombian men, who do not want to commit and most Colombian women are seeking a stable commited relationship which is something very hard to find in Colombia.

That is why Colombian girls are looking for foreign men in hope to find a stable, and  family-oriented partner.


3. Colombian girls are not very demanding when it comes to men.

As you might already know, many Italians have settled in Argentina and the result is that there are many pretty Italian boys, that even know how to treat women in Argentina. The result is that the women in Argentina have high standarts regarding men.

Also, it is worth to mention that Argentina, Uruguay and Chile are considered the richtest countries in Latin America.
Most Argentinian women have a higher standard of living and quality men available.
That is  why they have no reasons to look out for single men in other countries.

There might be women in the above mentioned countries that are also looking for foreign men, but not so many.
Most of them will have extremely high expectations and the possibility that they will be interested in an average looking and much older gentlemen are much lower.

Colombian men on the other hand, do not have the fame to be the prettiest boys on the planet, to say the least.
Not just that they are not very physically attractive, Colombian men also are famous for not treating their women very good, to say the least.
As mentioned before, most Colombian men are notoriously unfaithful and not family-oriented.
Additionally, Colombia still has a big problem with violence against women.

The result is that Colombian girls have a lowered criteria in men by nature.
You would not believe how many stunning Colombian girls date ugly Colombian guys and some of these guys are even considered handsome in Colombia.


An age difference of 10 – 25 years is very common in Colombia.
If you are looking for a younger and  attractive Latin Bride, Colombia is the place to go.

Colombian women generally prefer older men because they believe that older men are more likely to be interested in a serious family-oriented relationship.

The advantage for the average foreign guy that is looking for a Latin Bride in Colombia is, that there will be hundreds of stunning ladies that will actually find you attractive and will be interested in a serious family oriented relationship with you.

Although Colombia is the perfect country to look for a Latin Bride, Colombia is not just sunshine and roses.

In most cases it is not that easy to find a suitable Latin Bride all by oneself, because there are some Colombian girls that do not have sincere intentions or are just not suitable for marriage with a foreign gentlemen.

Therefore it is highly recommendable to contract a Professional Matchmaking Service, in order to make sure that you will find the perfect Latin Bride.

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