1. Lack of sincere men in Colombia

The majority of Colombian men are unfaithful, irresponsible and self-serving liars. Beside of that they don`t respect the woman that they are with. So while having a family with a couple of kids they are sleeping with a lot of other women. Since Alcoholism is a big issue for the colombian men  more and more women prefer not to date latin men.

2. Travel and adventure

Most of the Colombian Women usually have never been out of Colombia. It`s very common that they are going  to the countryside  when they are having their vacations. They would like to see and get to know more. They are highly motivated in learning a new languange and getting to know a new culture, their traditions, the people and the country.

3. True love

If you are getting to know Colombian women then you will notice that they have totally different moral concepts. They are more family and socially oriented.  Many Colombian Women have a very sweet and tender nature.  Foreign men are seen as being lovable – perceived as honest and with open and loving hearts. They want someone they can trust to, they can speak to. Someone who cares about them and accepts them as they are.

4. Stability

If she already has got a child or children she may be searching for a man with whom she can have a stable family with. You may be the man to give her children and herself a better perspective and future.

In summary I can say that Colombian women have a lot of reasons why they are seeking foreign men. The main reason is obvously the unconscious and ruthless behaviour of the latin men. If you are really interested in getting to know single women of Colombia then go to our VIP-Dating-Agency MyColombianWife. We offer a translation service and a personalized VIP-Tour in Colombia.

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