If you consider to date foreign ladies, you have probably already tried to date local women and want to try to date women outside your local area to see if they are less shy, less emotionally dead, less rude, less spoiled, less vain, less complicated and less sophisticated.

The good news is:

Yes there are women out there that are different!


Colombian women are known to be one, if not, the most beautiful women on this planet and they have much lower expectations (due to Colombian men). They are looking for other qualities in men

This means:

Just by choosing Colombia to seeking your foreign life partner will seriously increase your chances to find your match enormously.

Let us explain you why:

1. From our experience we can tell that in general most American / European men will do much better in Colombia than in their home country.

Colombian women have other ideals. They are just looking for a sincere and loyal partner that treats them good and stays with them. They are really just seeking the BASIC NEEDS of ALL WOMEN. Something they can not find in Colombia.

Additionally, all Colombian ladies are attracted to American and European man, especially sincere men who are looking for a life partner. Even age, weight or race does matter much less to Colombian girls.

Based on the false information in the internet and on youtube regarding Colombian women a lot of americans, europeans are getting in touch with gold diggers and criminals in Colombia.

Since we are working with Colombian women for over 10 years we know exactly which kind of women here are suitable for a healthy relationship and suitable as a potential life partner. We do not work with prostitutes, gold diggers, webcam girls and criminals. The problem is that due to the false information, fantasies, and illusions a lot of single men are getting in touch with the wrong women. Experts recognize the misguided tourism here in Colombia.

We appreciate Colombian women who have values, who are educated, decent, respectul, well mannered , family-oriented and who are seriously seeking a suitable life partner.

In the free phone consultation we can go much more into details and get to know aour expectatons criteria. Based on a recent photo and your expectations we can estimate the chance of the success. We will explain you how we can assist you in finding you a suitable wife in Colombia.

2. We personally get in charge to find you a suitable wife in Colombia.

We do things other matchmaking services, agencies or dating apps and websites don´t:

On My Colombian Wife you can find much more than just someone, some random women to chat with now and then…

Many gentlemen have found their life partner through our services at their first Colombia trip.


– When you book our Personal Matchmaking service we will contact prescreened and verified ladies that suit your criteria and arrange introductions with
them in Colombia. In our Personal Matchmaking you will only meet family-oriented women that suit your criteria (Age-range, with or without children, English skills,.) and that have expressed interest in getting to know you. They will have seen your video presentation, photos and introduction letter and will have agreed to meet you.

In Colombia we will provide you with a personal professional interpreter and dating coach to give you the best possible support and value in your journey to find your soul mate!

3. New innovative system

How does the matchmaking process work?

The first step is scheduling a free phone consultation.

Please click on following link, fill out the contact form and let us know the time range and day when you will be available and we will schedule our first phone consultation.

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At this point we would like to highlight that we do NOT offer any group romance tours or similar events, and we are not working like the other Matchmaking Agencies worlwide or like the dating sites and dating apps. We are not affiliated or working with any other site, company or agency.

Please click on following link to find out what exactly makes our Matchmaking service unique worldwide.

With our Matchmaking service you have the highest possible success rate in finding a suitable wife in Colombia. You can take advantage now of our years of experience and knowledge.


We offer our clients 2 matchmaking options to choose from

Option 1 – Blind dates based on your given criteria

If you book this option, we will schedule dates with our female members that meet the criteria that you will give us ( Age-range , without kids or how many kids maximum ect. )
This is the right option, if you want to take advantage of our long year experience in Matchmaking with Colombian women. All ladies that you will meet will be hand picked by our Matchmaker.

Option 2 – VIP Service –  Suggestions based on your given criteria –  Favourites list ( Bonus )

Option 2 is the same as option 1 but it includes 2 additional options: Suggestions & Favourites list ( Bonus )


We will send you a list of females that meet your criteria for you to review.

In case you are not interested in one of several female members of that list, we will eliminate these female members from the list.

After the final list is set, we will start to contact the ladies from the list in order to find out which ladies are interested in getting to know you in Bogota, Colombia.

Favourites list ( Bonus ):

With this option you will also be able to create a favourites list and we will investigate which ladies from your list are interested in getting to know you.

The more female members you will add to your list. The higher are the chances that you will exclusively meet  female members of your list.

When we know which ladies are interested, we will schedule the dates at public locations like cafes or restaurants.

How does the service work?

Step 1.

First step is scheduling a free, personal, and individual consultation.

Click on following site fill out our contact form and let us know the time range and day to schedule the first free phone consultation. In this consultation we will get to know you, and explain in which aspects we can assist you in finding you the right life partner in Colombia.

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Click on following link to get an overview what our service inlcude.

Our Personal Matchmaking Service Offer

Laura on the left side and Mark in the middle. They both had been searching many years for a suitable partner and contacted us. We loved supporting them and have given them consultations and coachings. They are now happily married. On the right side you can see one of our translators and guides Diana.
The photo has been taken in Bogota, Eldorado Airport Colombia.

Above and Beyond

Our Matchmaking Agency My Colombian Wife wants to ensure your  success in Colombia ! Our dedicated team of experts consists of an experienced matchmaker , translators and guide, available at any time during the  to aid in your special search.


If you have any questions please contact us.



Call us now at: 347-983-0204 (U.S) for a free consultation.

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