Colombian women family wirh white man

There are many reasons why you should consider to date Colombian Women.
Here are our top 3 reasons:

1. You have had it with women in your country

Just approaching women can be quiet a challenge in a society with brain washed feminazies.
Many women in the U.S. are totally career driven and think that being a mother and housewife is a waste of time.
Instead, many just focus on their careers and to sleep around.
Let us tell you, NOT ALL WOMEN on this planet are like that.

Many Colombian women on the other hand haven´t heared of feminism.
Although Colombian women also study and pursue careers these days,
their life goal and main priority is to have a nice family and to be a good housewife.

If you are looking for a woman with true family values you should definately start dating Colombian women.

2. Compared to American Women Colombian women have much lower expectations.

Many American Women are seeking perfect men, that are prefect in every aspect.
Many of these women stay alone because they don´t realize that these perfect men  don´t exist.

Colombian Women have much lower expectations compared to American Women.
This doesn´t mean that they don´t have any expectations at all, but most Colombian men are quiet the opposite
of being perfect in so many ways, this is why most “normal guys” from the U.S. do so much better in
Colombia when they come to us. Even single dad´s with 2 kids or more do much better in Colombia!

3. Colombia is not so far away from the U.S

Compared to Thailand or Russia Colombia is just a stone´s throw away from the U.S.
Flight´s to Colombia Capital (Bogota) start from just $300!


If you are an average guy in your country and you are looking for a woman with true traditional family values get in contact with us now!

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