The image of Colombia which the most have in theirs minds is by far not the best, thanks to the media which are showing only the drug traffiking, kidnapping and an evironment were war is everywhere. Basically we all believe in a lot of stereotypes about Colombia that we have heard in the media.

I`ve lived in Colombia for 4 years now and I can guarantee you, that Colombia is by far more interesting than most people think.

Here are some common misconceptions about Colombia:

Misconception #1
Most of the Colombians are involved into the cocain business

Mostly the drug cartels are in control of the cocaine business. Colombian and Mexican drug cartels made $4.6 billion in profits from exporting to the US. 68,000 hectares of land were used for illegal coca bush cultivation in 2009. That’s the size of about 153,000 football fields. Nearly 90% of cocaine used in the U.S. originates from Colombia. As you can see there a high demand on this drug. Most of the Colombians do not use or tolerate cocaine. In fact its only a very small percentage of Colombians that are actually involved.

Misconception #2
Colombia is far too dangerous for considering to visit

In the last 20 years the general situation of Colombia has dramatically improved. Not only it has become secure for tourists through more police presence ect. but  in general it`s a safe place to visit.  A place where simple tourists, exploders or just single men can enjoy the country and maybe get in contact with one of the most beautiful women on Earth. In the last 5 years the travel agencies already are offering interesting tours to the exotic and unseen magical places of Colombia. Most of the people in Colombia seem to be far happier and friendlier than we might think. The natural enthusiasm, love and friendliness are the best attributes to describe Colombian people. It is almost surreal to experiment this, since we have a total different image in mind, when thinking about Colombia.
How many of you who already have been to Colombia would recommend visiting Colombia?

Misconception #3
In Colombia there`s nothing interesting to see.

If you haven`t been to Colombia then you probably don`t have an idea what is awaiting you. The impressive carribean coast with its paradise like beaches , atmosphere and cool people.

If you are an explorer or a spiritual person then Colombia will be very interesting for you. About 87 different native tribes are living in Colombia. If you want to have an extraordinary experience then let yourself guide by native people in “La Sierra Nevada”, the worlds highest coastal range.

Experience the local coffee farmers and discover the beautiful nature of Colombia.
Get in contact with new cultures and explore the mystical Colombia.

All these are good reasons to visit Colombia.
An other good reason is to experience Colombia while dating beautiful Colombian women.
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