1. The Weather:


Enjoy an endless sommer. In Colombia you can experience great weather at any month of the year. In this country you will get to know a wide range of different climates by visitng different regions of Colombia. The weather basically  depends on the region you are visiting.

2. The traditional Colombian Food:


A lot of tourists are discovering the rich Colombian food. Richness in flavours, colours and tastes. You will be able get to know a great range of exotic fruits, foods and lovely prepared dishes. If you are an vegetarian or a vegan you will also find these restaurants in Colombia since the tourism industry is booming more and more restaurants adjust their menus to the tourist`s desires.

3. The beauty of Colombian women:


Colombian women are known for beeing one of the most attractive women on Earth. They usually have a great sense of family, are socially active and fun-loving women.  It`s no wonder or secret that Colombian women are seeking a foreign men because they believe that foreign men still have a sense of beeing respectful, faithful and loving in a relationship.

4. Colombia`s diversity

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Through the unique location Colombia is a very diverse country. Discover white-sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, vast deserts, exotic and beautiful Amazonian rainforests, Carribean and Pacific Islands, huge metropolitan cities and colonial villages.

5. The Colombian Coffee


Forget Starbucks. The Colombian coffee is one of the best coffee you can ever taste on this Earth. So what makes this coffee so special? The unique and perfectly suited nature in the Coffee Triangle region. The best coffee is called “Juan Valdez”.  They usually serve this aromatic coffee with sugarkane and cinnamon. A great drink for any occassion.

6. Dancing as a National Sport


The Colombians love to dance to reggaeton, vallenato, merengue, cumbia and the champeta all in one night. And yes they always will find any occasion as oportunity to dance. It doesn`t matter if it`s a birthday party, wedding or graduation they will celebrate it. If Salsa or Vallenato comes in the Radio you will see the Colombians randomly dancing to it. No matter if it`s at work, in the supermarket or on the streets.


7. The Attitude of Colombian people in general


If you are visiting Colombia the Colombians will welcome you and might invite you to a party to celebrate your stay. They usually love that tourists come to their country. Colombia has changed a lot since the last 10 years and more and more tourists are more than happy to discover it`s magical and unique energy. As the Colombians are very happy people it`s pretty easy to make new friends assuming that you can understand Spanish, since mayority of the Colombians don`t understand any English.

8. The native people


One of the most impressive Facts is that in Colombia there are still living over 80 different tribes. And yes you can get in contact with them. Since thousand of years they are conservating their culture, their knowleadge and harmony with their surroundings. If you are considering to visit one of these tribes you should respect their culture. The number of spanish speaking indigenous people is rapidly growing since they are also presenting themselves in YouTube with their message to humanity. If you don`t speak any Spanish you should get a guide who knows the native people aswell as the different regions in Colombia.

9. The natures richness


From cacao plants, the exotic 8.8. pounds exotic guanabana fruit to superfoods like maca. Thanks to it`s optimal location the people in Colombia are able to grow anything over the whole year. From the Archological Park of San Agustin, the beautiful Coffee Triangle, the paradise like beaches to the mysterious and beautiful mountain la Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. These are some of the reasons which makes Colombia a unique to visit.

10. Sports activities


If you love sports activities then Colombia will be very interesing for you. In Colombia you can enjoy the following sports activites: Paraglyding , kite-surfing, trekking, diving, mountain biking, surfing, climbing, rappeling, caving, canoeing and skydiving.



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