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Read this article and find out why going to Colombia ALONE and meeting girls via Tinder is not just a bad idea but also dangerous.

Using Tinder in Colombia
There is a facebook group called Colombia Scopolamine victims, where cases like the above are reported regularly.
This is what can happend to you when you meet Colombian women in Medellin using Tinder.
Link to the group here:

Google translate and read this new article published at “El Tiempo” Colombias major newspaper.

Seducían extranjeros por ‘app’ de citas y en el encuentro los robaban

They seduced foreigners by dating ‘app Tinder’ and in the meeting they were robbed.

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Are you seeking a Colombian girlfriend or wife ?

Find out why you might should reconsider using apps like Tinder in Colombia if you are seeking a serious relationship or marriage with a Colombian woman.

1. The other articles that pop up when you are doing a google search on: Tinder in Colombia are made by affiliates of Colombian women dating site like l@tin@mericancupid + colombi@ncupid.

These articles are created by affiliates of these dating sites and they get paid for every click they generate through their articles.

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These articles are full of lies and they are capable of writing just anything to direct you to the affiliate dating site.

These people do not care what happen to you after you register at websites like Colombianc$pid and end up with the wrong kind of Colombian girl.


These articles are written by guys that are not looking for anything serious.

Many of the authors of these affiliate articles are Colombians themselves or Gringos that already live in Colombia for a longer period of time. They already know how to act and what do to and what not to do in Colombia.

Anyway they want to make you believe that Colombia is a safe country to visit and that the girls are very easy, which is not rue.

As mentioned already, they claim that in order to make your sign up for Colombiancupid.

Colombia is a very unsafe country and it is highly recommendable that first time visitors hire a tour guide.

All our Personal Matchmaking tours include a personal tourguide that will pick you up from the airport and will stay with you until you leave.

The most important part to consider, if you are actually seeking a WIFE in Colombia, is that the guys that are the authors of these affiliate articles are NOT interested in a WIFE from Colombia or even a steady girlfriend.

Some of them are not even sex tourists because they LIVE in Colombia for many years.

ONE of the reason why they live in Colombia is because there is an endless supply of poor and needy girls that are capable for doing anything for some financial support and of course the endless supply of cheap prostitutes.

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There is no such thing like a hook-up culture in Colombia

While a hook up culture is totally normal in the U.S. or mayor European cities. There is no such thing as a hook up culture in Colombia.

Colombia is a poor developing country. It is also developing in terms of emancipation. Colombia is still a very primitive, sexist country.

A Colombian woman that is looking for a “hook up” is considered a slut in Colombia.


Especially when it comes to dating foreign men it is expected that the Colombian girl has interest in a serious relationship.

Tinder in Colombia is almost exclusively used by prostitutes and gold diggers trying to attract foreign clients .

Tinder, dating apps and websites are not popular in Colombia. As mentioned before, Colombia is a developing country and online dating is still a new thing in Colombia.
Not many Colombians use apps like tinder, or dating sites in general.

In Colombia only prostitutes will pay for a tinder gold membership.
A gold membership will boost your profile in increase essay writing service and lets you see the profiles that swiped-right on you.
No normal Colombian girl would ever pay for something like that.

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In the U.S. or in mayor European cities there are actually many many normal women using and even paying for Tinder.
Many of these women are even exclusively interested in a serious relationship.


In Colombia it´s different less 1% of Colombians that use the internet use TINDER, in Brazil about 10 % of internet users use tinder.

Tinder is not even popular in Colombia and is almost exclusively used by prostitutes and gold diggers.

Now let us focus on the latter for a moment.
The concept of a prostitute is nothing new. They offer certain kind of services for money.

A Colombian gold digger on the other hand will accept to date you and fake interest in you but in reality she will be only interested in the meal or the drinks that you pay her.

Some of these girls in Colombian cities Medellin will be ready to sleep with you after you spend her a dinner or some drinks but you have to understand that these kind of girls only do it for the meals or drinks.

These kind of “cheap” Colombian girls are not suitable for any kind of serious relationship.

At this point I still assume that you are considering to use tinder in Colombia to find a WIFE in Colombia.

Remember that the articles you will find on google if you google: Tinder in Colombia 
Dating Colombian girls
in general
are written by guys that already LIVE in Colombia for many years AND all these articles are affiliate articles of popular dating sites like colombian and latin cupid.

They are not looking for Colombian wife to take home.
They are like permament sex tourists in Colombia.

The truth is that the majority of Americans ( and other foreign tourist ) in Colombia are sex tourists.


So if you are seeking a serious relationship with a Colombiana , you shouldn´t take their advice.

The truth is that the majority of what they write about isn´t event true !
They claim that apps like Tinder are very popular in Colombia,  most Colombian girls are super cheap & easy bitches and Colombia is super safe to visit, which just isn´t true.

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There is only a small minority of men that are actually seeking a WIFE in Colombia and this article is directed to them.

I´ve made some research and found out that the authors of the 2 main blogs that focus on dating colombian women are even very attractive and younger guys, one of them is even 35.
The other one is a handsome muscular Ukraine guy who looks like a model.

So you also have to consider this. No wonder they are popular among Colombia girls, or even girls in other countries.


There are many many older guys that read this stuff and think that all they have to do is fly down to Colombia and just use Tinder in Colombia.
99% of these trips turn out to be wasted, if the intention was finding the right Colombian bride to marry.

90% of the information they provide in their blogs is complete trash and just there to generate links to latincupid and other sites.


– Tinder is not popular in Colombia

– Tinder in Colombia is full of prostitutes promoting their services and gold diggers.

– The other articles about Tinder in Colombia are written by affiliates of popular Colombia dating site like
Many of these guys already live in Colombia for many years and are not interested in marriage ( or any serious relationship ) with Colombian girls.

– There is no hook-up scene in Colombia like in the U.S. Online dating sites are still new in Colombia, very few Colombians use it and the good decent girls will be not on Tinder.

In conservative macho-ruled Colombia, girls that use hook-up dating apps like Tinder to look for men are seen as sluts. In fact many of the girls that use these dating apps in Colombia are prostitutes or gold diggers ( seeking financial gain in exchange for sex)
These are not the kind of Colombian girls to marry.

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