Many single men that are seriously seeking a Latin wife have already tried “dating sites” or so called romance tours with little to no results. If you´ve gone through all that, you will know what we are talking about.

The most important fact to consider is:

If you haven´t had success finding your latin bride online yet, in 90% of the cases its NOT because of you. It`s because you have been at the wrong websites / the wrong kind of tours.

Most of these businesses are solely designed to generate money, and NOT to help YOU in finding your soul mate.

Latina woman

Conventional Latin women Dating sites

Thousands of unscreened & unverified members. Most of latin women dating sites are full of “CAM-GIRLS” or other “unserious” women just looking for money or Sugardaddies.
It is a known fact that conventional Dating sites also are famous for having fake profiles.
Thousands of members means that there is a lot of competition, which makes it difficult to establish and maintain valuable and lasting connections, let alone finding a wife !

AT MCW all our female members are prescreened. Our team is very experienced with Colombian Women and we only are working with Colombian women who are looking for a life partner and who are ready to relocate into another country. At MCW we only work with personalized introductions, with pre screened women of your critiera, personal interpreter, guidance and coaching, to provide you the best possible value and results for your money and time.

– Coventional Dating Sites always will have much more male members. This means more competition for you.

At there will always be much more women than men.
In fact with our Personal Matchmaking tour YOU will be the only male.

Conventional Latin women Romance tours

– Group tours with at least 15 other men and and 50 women or more dancing around.
These kind of group tours are not about helping you in finding a partner, they only generate money to the agency, nothing else.
It´s easy money that involves little effort from the hosts side.
They just invite some random women and put some music on.

At MCW we only work with personalized one to one introductions in public locations with our tour guide and interpreter to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere WITHOUT any competition.

– The ladies that attend these events ofter are prostitutes, paid models, transvestites, or even married and NOT interested in a serious relationship. They just attend thse events because there will be free drinks for them.

As mentioned before, at MCW we do not have events. Only one to one introductions.
The ladies that are being introduced have to pass various interviews before being accepted to meet our clients.

– In most cases you will be introduced to random ladies that do not even meet your criteria and  know nothing about you. They haven´t  even seen a picture of you.

All ladies that you will meet at MCW will have seen your photos, personal information, criteria and will have accepted to date you.

– In most cases these ladies aren´t even interested in a serious long term relationship that leads to marriage.

In our screening programs we are trying our best to make sure to introduce you only to women that match your criteria and that
are interested in getting to know you in Bogota.


1. If you are determined about finding a latin wife and you couldn´t find your dream bride online YET,
in 95% of the cases it´s NOT because of YOU. It`s because you have been a member of the wrong websites or have tried the wrong
services, that are soley designed to generate them money but not to provide YOU with any value.

2. As member of MCW you will have the best chances to find your latin bride.
If you are still seeking your latin life mate now is the best time to take action.


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