Colombia ends its extraordinary Caribbean coastline with a flourish: these two idyllic, laid-back villages and their surrounding beaches are hidden in an isolated corner of Colombia’s northwest and make up two of the country’s most wonderful – and least visted – highlights. Backed by jungle-covered mountains, washed by deep blue waters, the villages attract a crowd of locals seeking refuge from the chaotic mainstream of Colombian life. Do yourself a favor and make time to join them.

Part of the adventure is in getting here: both Capurganá and Sapzurro are only accessible by a lengthy boat trip from Turbo, or by a tiny plane from Medellín. Consequently, their beaches remain Colombia’s least overrun. The tourism here has been 90% homegrown, due to access and security issues in the past. But that’s all changed now, and both towns are delightfully safe, and tourism is booming.

A visit here is a grand alternative to the beaches of PNN Tayrona, which can be uncomfortably crowded in high season. It’s easy to let a few days drift into a week as you explore the excellent beaches and nature walks in the area. The coral reef here is fantastic and there are now several diving schools exploring the coast and logging new sites.
For those making the overland trek to or from Panama, these two relaxed villages make for an ideal spot to break your journey, with blazing white beaches and a wealth of nature-related activities in the vicinity. Just remember to bring enough cash – there are no ATMs in either village.

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