Colombia said good bye to the World Cup 2014. We say thanks to the guys from Luis Pekerman`s team.

The atmosphere couldn`t have been any better for the Brazilian team. Without any doubt Colombia showed up in a red shirt and with the illusion to make history. Colombia didn`t do well in the beginning. The ones who were guided by Scolari came in a dangerous way closer to the goalkeeper Ospina until the 6th mintue when they were having a corner kick.

After the goal of Thiago Silva the expressions of Yepes and Sanchez told us everything because loosing a game in this World Cup has changed all the plans Pekerman had for the game.

The defense of the Colombians dissapeared and an error from James Rodriguez let the Brazilian have scored it`s second goal. David Luiz took the free kick and scored.

In the 80th minute James Rodriguez scored in a penalty. After that they`ve tried to score the 2nd gold many times goal but the time was running out. Sure the Brazilian team is by far more experienced in comparision with the Colombian team. Nevertheless the Colombian team gave everything until the last minute.  In sumary we can say that the Brazilian team is a far more experienced and organized team.

Anyway, thanks the guys from the Colombian team because this has been Colombias first the participion of the quarter finals of a World Cup and we saw that you fought until the last minute.





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