By a margin of 5 % Juan Manuel Santos has been reelected in the second round of Colombia`s presidential elections.
Santos won the election with a vote of 50.92 % .

His competitor Zulaga only won 45 % and took most of the voters from the Coffee Triangle and Antoquia. The former Ex-President Alvaro Ulribe supported Zulaga in mission.

“This is the generation of peace. Millions of Colombians have chosen hope over fear,” said Mr Santos.

“Thank you very much, Colombians! Your support means we will have to work together even harder,” he said.

“The Peace is till in process.”

Santos clearly declared to go into a peace process with the country`s largest rebel group, the FARC. His campaign for the second round are: ” With peace we will do more”.

Santos gained the support and the votes to be one of most influencial politicians in Colombia basically for his commitment for to the peace process with the FARC.

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