How to recognize “fake women” on online dating sites / international matchmaking sites.

All that glitters is not gold.

What I mean with “Real Women” are women that have actually have registered at the dating website out of free will
and that are seeking a committed relationship.

“Fake Women” on the other hand, can be paid models which pictures are being used for marketing.
These women may not even know, that they are “members” of the dating site.

In the following article I´m going to show you how to recognize these “Fake women”

1. Use common sense

2. Not every woman, especially if she is from a 3rd world country, has the money for some professional photos.
Also pictures also have been professional edited and seem like model photos from model magazines.

3. Not every woman is a natural show-off. Most women don´t like to show their all “attributes” when they create a profile at a public online dating site.

4. Not every woman has big breasts / implants. (Although Cali and Medellin Colombia is one of the plastic surgery hot spots in the world and you will find many women with implants there.)

5. Not every woman looks like a top model! Sure there are many beautiful girls out there, but if EVERY female member of that dating site looks like a top model, this should be a red flag.

6. Not every girl that looks like a 10 is looking for an average and much older foreign gentleman.
Do you get a lot of messages of stunning model like top women that are 20- 40 years younger than yourself?
The truth is that in Latin America many beautiful women are interested in “average” and older foreign gentlemen BUT not ALL of the stunning young girls with amazing bodies.
Even in Colombia women have some kind of criteria, especially if they are young, amazingly beautiful and do not have kids. These kind of ladies have higher standarts and often are looking for, or already have, drug dealer boyfriends or sugar daddies.
in general even average women in Colombia are looking for a partner close to their age or 10 – 20 years older.

7. Take attention with which messages they are being published at social media websites:
Please use common sense and decide for yourself which might be the likeliness that this woman could have actually have written this sentence…


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