I have noticed that on your competitor sites the women there are basically ‘cam-girls’ with most occupations listed as ‘student’ or ‘model’. How do you actually separate the serious professional women interested in marriage and families from the women looking for financial gain?

We have a long time experience with Colombian women, but being honest even for us it is difficult to always completely eliminate these kind of ladies to a 100%.

Mycolombinawife.com is a community, and we always encorange our clients to stay in contact with us during the whole process and report “suspicious behaviour”.

It is a known fact that Colombia is a poor “third world” country and like in every poor country there are people that are in serious financial struggles or barely getting by seeking financial gain.

So the question would be

How can I avoid building an emotional connection with a Colombian woman ( or any other woman from a poor country), that later turns out to be a “cam model”, “prostitute” or simply seeking financial gain and nothing else?

The answer is

with a professional matchmaking agency of your TRUST or a close Colombian friend of your trust.

These type of ladies are good at faking real interest and for foreigners that do not know the culture and its women it is very difficult to detect these type of ladies. Most “Western Men” do not know anything about Colombian/ Latin American culture are sometimes blinded by the beauty and taken away by emotions and do not use common sense.

During our history, there have been only very few complaints because of these kind of ladies.

We always recommend to actually meet the ladies in real life in Colombia with us. We screen the women before we introduce them to our clients.
Our matchmakers are Colombian ladies themselves and can almost indentify these kind of ladies to a 100 %. In the case  when we identify one of these ladies we eliminate her profile from our website and will not continue to introduce her to other clients.

An other important factor is that this kind of personal introduction service with personal guide and translater just isn´t attractive to “cam girls”, “gold diggers”, that´s why they prefer to stick with the popular latin women dating sites that do not have any kind of monitoring that could interfere.

Like in poor countries in general, also in Colombia there is a risk to end up with ladies that are seeking financial gain, BUT this possiblity can be dramatically reduced with a trusted partner on your side to guide and support you throughout the entire process.

Always keep in mind that the vast mayority of Colombian ladies are sincerely family-oriented and have the strong desire to find their soulmate.

Scott and his Colombian wife he met on his Personal Matchmaking Tour

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