Explore the colonial architecture, the nature and a great range of sports activities in the National park of Iguaque. The city is 2143 meters above sea level.


The great and impressive natural park of Iguaque

The natural park is only 15 km away from romatic town Villa de Leyva. The Iquaque lake is considered by the ancient Muisca people as the birthplace of water. Discover the sacred and mysterious nature with its six lakes. Due to the wide landscapes one of the best activities is hiking. Anthropologic research confirm that the Muisca was a very advanced civilation, especially for their knowledge of agriculture, medicinal plants, pottery and astronomy. The evidence of this is possible to see in the ‘Infiernito’ (the little hell) well known as the Muisca Astronomic Observatory.


Interesting Characteristics

– It`s a 6750 hectares big and well preserved park.

– Different kind of evelation can be found here beginning from 2400 to 3800 meters above sea level.

– According to Muisca legend humanity originated in Iquaque lake. The goddess Bache came with a child in her hand. When the child become a man they made children and startet to populate the earh before dissapearing into the lake transformed into snakes.

– An impressive fauna with exotic orchids, lichens, myrtles, mosses, hayuelo pines     and serval exotic birds.

– Ideal for hiking and birdwatching.

– During your trip in the park of Iquaque you can see 8 different lakes:
Lake Iguaque, Monte Empedrada, Colorada, Carrizal, Cazadero and Ojo de Agua.

–  Temperature range from to 12 to 18 degrees.

– It is said that the amazing energy of the lake cleans and clarifies your soul.


Where is the Natural Park of Iguaque ?

The park is best reached from Villa de Leyva on the Arabuco bound bus, getting off at Casa de Piedra. It’s necessary to take a very early bus, 6 or 7 am, to do the trek in a day.

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