Natilla is in fact most popular Chistmas dish along with bunuelos and manjar blanco.

Based on documented information from the 14th century the Andalusian Hagarenes prepared it with wheat flower, eggs and cheese. They fried it with olive oil and sweetened it with cane syrup or honey. This recipe survived from convents to the Castile region, later transmitted to the New World from the conquerors.

In general bunuelos was accompanied with a certain beverage. Kumis, is a fermented dairy product, traditionally made from mare`s milk. In christmas time the Bunuelos unite with “la Natilla”. The experts assure that this Colombian pudding origins from the spanish and french convents in the middle ages. Wheat flower and sugar was at these times a dish easy to prepare and nutritive served to the kings.

La Natilla crossed the Atlantean ocean, it has become more tight with the user of corn flower, it`s colour changed with the sugar cane, it received a sensual taste with the add of cinnamon. In Bogota for example people are talking about ” La ruta de los Bonuelos”, translated as the root of the Bunuelos. This is the place where different types of Buenuelos are being sold on the streets, affordable for anyone.

The couple of Bunuelos and Natilla is as famous as Simon Bolivar and Manuelita or Napoleon and Josefina. It is also served in taverns, fine restaurants, modest ranchs. In times not so long ago raditionally all the family participated in the preparation of this delicious dish. Today you can buy the standarized version of it on every corner. But the orignial recipe of the granny whose secrets has passed from generations to generations. Still until today you can observe the habit of exchanging different dishes from family to family, with it`s special touch and love that each family imprinted on the Natilla and the Bonuelos.

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