Americans, Europeans, Mexicans, Canadians and Australians are the ones that are looking for Colombian women to marry. receives about 200 men from the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Spain, who are looking for a wife each year and is responsible for about 40 marriages each year.

Foreign men are always looking for a woman very feminine, traditional, with moral values and emotional stability.

It starts with a registration, the agency seeks the contacts, according the the clients criteria and puts both parties in contact so that they get to know each other. If you want a personal meeting, the agency facilitates all procedures ( organization of the dates, personal guide and interpreter, dating coach ) you just have to buy an airplane ticket and arrive in Bogota, Colombia

Sofia Donato a woman from Bogota who met her Canadian husband through the marriage agency, said she made this decision because she felt lonely and had suffered several disappointments ( from Colombian men ).

Maribel registered, sent her photo, sent her photo and the agency contacted her personally with a canadian gentleman, in the end they fell in love. The company conducted the respective investigations, then the agency organized the marriage in Colombias capital and  now they are living in Canada.

She said that the hardest part was to get away from family and language, but they have done very well with their relationship.



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