Honestly I can not talk for the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Japan or other European countries than Germany, but I´m sure that these kind of ladies not only exist in Germany and that it´s a “first world phenomena”.

What happens is that women here have an extreme oversupply of attractive, nearly “perfect” men. ( From a Colombian girls point of view )
Thus the ladies have become very demanding to the point that they don´t even know that they want!
Some of them have such high standards that almost no one can meet.
Germany, by the way, has more single women than men.
There must be a reason why. Right ?

Single women outnumbering single men is also phenomena in the USA.
The guy has to look perfect, have a perfect body, a high education and a high income. ( Patrick Bateman )
These kind of women don´t take any shit at all.
If you say something wrong then it´s over before you even realize what you said wrong.
These kind of women are capable of breaking up out of the most ridiculous reasons.

These factors make it a hard game for first world men that aren´t “perfect”, but
even the “perfect” guys have a hard game sometimes dealing with these kind of women.


So what happens in third world “Macho-ruled” countries like COLOMBIA ?

Well, to make it short, the situation is quiet the opposite.

Colombian men have an extreme oversupply of attractive women.

If you ever have been in Colombia, you will know that Colombian women are the privileged sex by nature, when it comes to beauty.

Elenora Mendez-9

Not just that, most Colombian men also treat women worse than dogs.
Colombia is also one of leading countries in domestic violence in Latin America.

Colombian women, if they don´t want to stay alone, just can´t not be picky or demanding when it comes to men.
Additionally, if you aren´t a Latino, you will not know that Colombian men even have a bad reputation among other Latinos!

In other words, Colombia lacks of quality men.

Colombian men don´t  even provide these women with the most basic needs like.

-> Honesty
-> Sincerity
-> Trust
-> Responsabillity
-> Respect
-> Understanding
-> Stability

Colombian Women in general are much less sophisticated than most “First-World-Women” due to the lack of “good” men in the country.

Most Colombian men are not interested in long term or marriage minded relationships with Colombian women.
They tell these women everything they want to hear to get laid and then move on.

What is a “good” man in the eyes of a Colombian Girl?

Among Colombian women, pretty much every American or European guy is considered to be the perfect husband.

The vast majority of Colombian women are very traditional “old fashioned” and are just seeking marriage minded gentlemen with the upper mentioned characteristics.
With other words, they are just looking for someone with whom they can procreate / have a family with and stays with them forever.

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