What you should know about Latin marriage tours / Latina tours

Most Latin women romance tours in general unfortunately have a bad reputation.
While the idea of traveling to a country like Colombia to meet many women is tempting, also due to the fact that Colombia is “not so far away” from the U.S., the reality often looks different.

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The main reason, in my opinion, is that often sincere men that are seriously seeking a latin wife are misguided that they have the opportunity to meet potential a woman for marriage at these parties.

If you have a friend that is going to get married in the U.S. and you want to give him a special Bachelor Party in South America.
Just do a quick google search: “Colombia Bachelor Party”
You will find various offers in Medellin and Cartagena. These parties would be “fit for purpose”.

Are you interested in finding a wife from Colombia ? 

The truth is that the women that are being invited to this parties are often  just looking for foreigners with money to party, or even prostitutes.

If you interested in Romance Tours in Colombia, you will have found that all Romance tour providers in Colombia are located in Medellin, Cali and Cartagena. Cartagena and Medellin are the 2 major sex tourism hot spots in Colombia. These cities are full of prostitutes from the lowest social classes of Colombia. 
Colombian women that are not suitable for marriage ( or any serious relationship )


Most of these latin romance tour services claim that the women are sincere, looking for marriage  “hand-picked” or even personally screened. In most cases that´s simply not true, because screening every woman that attends these events would mean an enormous effort. They recruit these ladies with publicity in local tv, radio or local classified sites.

They only  tell them that the event is free and that there will be foreigners. That´s all. They don´t care what kind of low quality Colombian girls might show up, as long as there will be enough women. Or they have a special deal with strip or nightclubs.

Are you interested in finding a wife from Colombia ? 

If you are interested in a Colombian wife you have to know that not all Colombian Girls are the same.
They can not all be thrown into the same pot. Colombian men know that.
If you are seeking a committed long lasting relationship you can not marry just ANY Colombian woman.

To make it short:

There are high quality Colombian Women and low quality Colombian women.

High quality Colombian Women = sutiable for a serious, stable, healthy and longterm relationship and marriage.

Low quality Colombian women = NOT sutiable for a serious relationship or marriage.

With our Matchmaking Service you can meet the gems. The best women Colombian has to offer.


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If a romance / bachelor tour includes night / strip club entrance fees and you are seriously looking for a wife, that should be a red flag for you. Chances that you will find a partner at one of these romance tours are zero.

Are you interested in finding a wife from Colombia ?


Why have most romance / bachelor tours a bad reputation?

Because men seriously interested in finding a wife attending these tours seem to have a low success rate.

Why do they have a low success rate ?


Because the majority of ladies that attend these events are not interested in finding a foreign husband.
It´s not that the ladies at most romance tour have too high standards. No, in Colombia its´s quite the opposite.
Women in Colombia usually have low standards regarding men.
If there only were more ladies that would be interested in marriage, the men that attend these events would have a higher success rate.


Real reviews of latin romance tour providers:






I found a review of a D*****m C********* Romance Tour that pretty much recaps of what you can expect from conventional romance tours.
D*****m C********* is even one of the better romance tour providers. All the other romance tour providers are just the same or worse.

View some real user reviews from Romance tours below ( in blue )

D***m C********* review from Sitejabber.com

 You pay a minimum of $5000 to meet a bunch of women, 90% of which were not on the website (total bait and switch).

Comment: This is a very common pratice at romance tour providers. 90% or more of the women that will be at the event will

“I am an unhappy Client of this company and would never use them again”


I took a tour with D****** C********* in 2015. The videos promised that they over delivered and under sold. The opposite is true. You pay a minimum of $5000 to meet a bunch of women, 90% of which were not on the website (total bait and switch). We were told that all the women were vetted. This is simply not true. I dated a few women, one for some time and none of them were vetted. In fact one of the ones I dated just showed up the day I arrived because a friend suggested it. She had never heard of the agency before.

Comment: That the women show up the same day is very common at those events. because this kind of romance tours are nothing but a party with random women. That one of the biggest problems with romance tours. You are told that the women are all serious ( or legitimate ) women that are seriously seeking marriage but it´s simply not true. It´s just random women that show up at this party for the free drinks and food. All they care about is to have at least 30 women at this party.

If they had vetted this woman they could have saved me a lot of heart ache and money. It took a few months to find out the truth but the entire time I was dating her she was communicating with other men on different websites and excepting gifts, expensive gifts.

The owners, * talk a good game but only care about the money. How do I know this? Once the tour is over they have no interest in knowing what’s happening unless you book another tour. I even told them that the relationship ended and they not only didn’t inquire as to what happened, but they didn’t even acknowledge it.

To add insult to injury I have friends that still follow them and have seen this woman come back many times to their socials. From talking to members of previous and past tours, this isn’t the first or last time this has happened.

If you are going to take a tour with any agency that introduces you to foreign women, I would not use ************ unless you want to over pay and get very little for the money. The hotel in Nikolaev was $12 a night and we paid $5000 plus airfare. It’s a total rip off. They claim to have a ‘proprietary method” and that’s why they charge so much. What they actually do is stick you in a room with 30-50 women, most are average to below average looking, and it’s one mini blind date after another.

Comment: Exactly, this guy has got it. ( After several months ) It´s just random mini blind dates with random unserious women.

An other thing to mention here is that many guys think that a price is $5000 is acceptable because the hotel price is included. Because you think that thehotel would cost around 150 dollars the night, but the reality is that hotel which is included is the cheapest possible hotel in the area, which costs only 10 – 30 usd the night.



What´s different with our Personal Matchmaking Service?

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First of all, we do NOT offer ROMANCE TOURS.
We are a professional VIP Matchmaking Service, focused on helping our clients to find a suitable latin wife.
We only offer 1 on 1 introductions with women that meet your criteria and that have seen all your information. NO BLIND DATES.

Our service is not just meant for fun. Of course, you will have a great time using our service,
but if you are seriously seeking a wife you will also have the opportunity to meet various potential candidates!

We have many years of experience with personal matchmaking tours and we offer only one on one introductions.

Mycolombianwife.com has an excellent reputation in Colombia.
Every day new ladies, that often have been recommended by friends join our agency hoping to find a sincere gentleman to marry and have a family with.

We know many of our female members personally.

The ladies have to pass a series of interviews before being accepted as a member.
Due to our years of experience and we can determine to almost a 100 %  if the intentions of the lady are true or not.

Only ladies that are seriously seeking a serious long term relationship and marriage are accepted.

Our service is designed for men with true intentions about finding a latin wife.

Unlike in Cartagena, Barranquilla, Medellin or Cali
in Bogota you can expect to meet the most educated, classy and decent Colombian women.

In Bogota, ( Colombia’s capital with almost 7 million inhabitants ) you can also expect to mee
t many white caucasian looking Colombian ladies.

If you meet a lady at our events our personal interpreters and datings coaches will help you to break the ice.

Are you interested in meeting  Colombian Single Women seeking marriage ?

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