This is the story of James Rodriguez who with his 22 years transformed to the Top scorer and one of the most famous figures of World Cup Bazil 2014. He already has shot 5 goals in his 4 games.

In his childhood James thought that he was Oliver Atom, the personality of a cartoon called Super Campeones. With 6 years old he kicked the ball so hard though the window that is landed in the  living room to the most grumpy person in his neighboorhood.


He had a good relationship with his father but with the time his parents seperated and didn`t see each other anymore. But his talent stayed with him. With only 4 years James lived in front of a soccer field. James always wanted to watch the games on the field. So his aunt clothed him in uniform and let him play on the filed with the adults.

With 22 years, on the 12th of July he will turn 23, James Rodriguez is today the Top scorer from Colombia in the history of the World Cup. As a forward he already scored 72 goals. In his list of archivements he carries eight titles of the League. One with Banfield, one with Argentina and seven with Porto, from Portugal. AS Monaco payed 45 Million Dollars to FC Porto as a transfer fee.


The career of James was so unexpected that even his family couldn`t understand his rapid progress. With 14 years James  showed himself as a professional player in the Envigado soccer club. With 17 years he entered the Banfield de Argentina. He was the youngest soccer player of the team and made his first goal against “Central”. The journalists of the TCS Sports channel didn`t hav any idea how to pronounce his name. And they said ” Yeims” (the proper English pronunciation of James) to him.
He scored his first goal only after a few minutes.

” You can`t see big talents all the time it`s actually very rare. When someone doesn`t think about it then there comes the moment when they are appearing out of the nothing like a wonder.” said Yul Breinner (coach).

“Even in my dreams I always have a ball with me. I only wanted to be professional soccer player.” said Rodriguez.

His partner and top star Radamel Falcao twittered: ” It is certainly the best goal which has been shot by Rodriguez throughout the whole World Cup 2014. (referring to the first goal of James in the 16 round match against Uruguay).”


Colombia fell in love with James Rodriguez and they start to name him “El Pibe”, as the successor of Carlos Valderrama. ” He has the potential to be the best Colombian soccer player of all the time and maybe the best one worldwide.” said Carlos Valderrama about James Rodriguez.

As Valderrama mentioned his persistence like everyone could see it in this World Cup. 5 goals in 4 games brings on the top of the scoring charts and even trespass Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Shakira twittered: ” A very big thank you. The best player from the World Cup 2014 until now.”

Team players descirbe James Rodriguez as a very grounded and centered person who is living with his one year old daughter and his wife Dani.



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