Is it possible to just send your Colombian Girlfriend that you have met online
money for a flight ticket and let her come to the USA for a week or two ?


First off, you should know that a Colombian needs at least Tourist Visa in order to enter the USA.

Be aware that only the 0.001 % of Colombians do already have a Tourist Visa for the USA.

This means that only 0.001 % of wealthly upper class Colombians do have the privilege to have tourist visa for the USA.


The government looks for things that strongly indicate that they WILL return to their home.
For instance:
-> children, spouse or other close family members remain in their home
-> a very well paid job with a good and solid contract
-> owner of property – the more the merrier

In other words, if your Colombian Girlfriend doesn´t belong to the 0.001% of wealthy Colombians  her tourist visa will be most likely rejected.

I have heard figures that indicate over 98 percent of the tourist visa applications are turned down in the Bogota embassy.

So, unless she doesn´t have a tourist visa or is not in line for obtaining such,
the only way to get to know your Colombian Girl personally is to travel to Colombia.

For Americans the only way to get your Colombian Girlfriend into the USA is through marriage in Colombia or through a Fiance Visa. For the Fiance Visa it is inevitable that you have already met her in Colombia at least once before applying for that Visa.

The good news is:


If you are in one of the following European countries your Colombian Girlfriend doesn´t need any visa.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you are in the UK, your Colombian Girlfriend WILL need a visa.

Nevertheless, be carefull with inviting a Colombian Women that you have met online to your country.

We recommend following:

-> Before sending her money in order to buy a flight ticket to your European country make sure that you
know her at least for a couple of months.

-> It is highly recommened that you have already visited her in Colombia at least once.

-> We recommed to get to know her family while you are in Colombia.

-> Do not send her money to buy the plane ticket, instead buy the plane ticket, which date can be changed, yourself in Europe and send it to her. By the way, buying the plane ticket from Colombia to Europe IN Europe will be much cheaper in many cases.

-> Be informed that only a small percentage of Colombians already have a passport. If she doesn´t have a passport it will cost her about 160 000 colombian pesos for obtaining one (about 40 Euros)


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