Inviting a Colombian Woman to the USA
WITHOUT having met her in Colombia before…

Is it possible to just send your Colombian Girlfriend that you have met online
money for a flight ticket and let her come to the USA ?

I have to be honest with you, if she doesn´t have a tourist visa or is not in line for obtaining a tourist visa, the answer is no!

If someone is coming to visit, the government of the hosting country looks for things that strongly indicate that they WILL return to their home.
For instance:
-> children, spouse or other close family members remain in their home
-> a very well paid job with a good and solid contract
-> owner of property – the more the merrier

In other words, if she doesn´t belong to the 1% of wealthy Colombians most likely her tourist visa will be rejected.

I have heard figures that indicate over 90 percent of the tourist visa applications are turned down in the Bogota embassy

Let me explain you why it would be very difficult to invite a Colombian Girl to the USA WITHOUT having met her in person before.

1. The only sure fire way to get a Colombian woman into the USA is through a marriage in Colombia, or a Fiance Visa.

If you plan to invite a lady with a Fiance Visa (for a marriage in the US), you will have to proof to the American authorities that you are having a REAL relationship with the lady and that implies that you have met her at least ONCE in person in Colombia, because it´s not so easy for the mayority Colombian women just to leave the country like that.

Don´t even try to get her into your country with a tourist visa. The American authorities want to avoid by all means that Colombians get into the USA with a tourist visa and then stay illegally forever. They also want to avoid that Colombians “abuse” the tourist visa in order to get married later. They have the fiance visa for that.
It is difficult to get such a tourist visa approved for a Colombian woman o man.

2. That said, that it is nearly impossible to invite a Colombian woman to the USA without having met her in real life before. Even if it was that easy, through my experience as a matchmaker, I just can´t recommend you to invite a lady to your country that you have met over the internet, before having met her in person before!


1. If you are interested in a Colombian wife there is no way to avoid visiting Colombia.
2. If you want to meet more than just one woman before makeing a decision and have many other benefits, I recommend you to visit Colombia with out VIP tour

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