Have you ever seen real trendsetters ? Which is one of most popular reasons why people visit Colombia?
It`s because of plastic surgery.  Getting a plastic surgery in Colombia is pretty cheap and safe. It`s reputation as beeing as one of the best countries for cosmetic surgery and medical care attract a large number of people. But what about the quality standards? Since most doctors receive their education abroad the standards of quality are suprisingly high in Colombia.

Plastic surgery is avaible for people of all economic and social classes. Through the new beauty standards having surgery is seen as something very normal. Why not? When there`s the possibilty to fix here and there some flaws.

In Fact a special university program provides a free plastic surgery to the poorest inhabitants. These low income residents get a free buttock enhancement, breast augmentation and Iiposuction.

So what makes the plastic surgery in Colombia so interesting?

Basically the treatments can easily be up to 50 % cheaper than in Europe or the United States. When you come to Colombia you will get to visit one of the most exotic and impressive countries in the world.

Why is plastic surgery in Colombia so much cheaper compared with the US for example?

Imagine the costs for providing a medical center is much lower, the rent is much lower in Colombia.
Doctors and nurses are paid 50 % less than they are in the United States.
This is the reason why Colombia can provide a much cheaper services at the same qualtiy standarts.

links: http://www.elitecirugiaplastica.com.co/




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