The brazilian Rodrigo Alves is operated from head to toe, and is the real life replica of the Ken doll (Barbie & Ken).
He has over 20 plastic surgeries and other cosmetic treatments.
What follows in this story is the fourth surgery of his nose, this is why he will fly to Colombia.

Why are you interested in Colombian specialists?

Because they are highly qualified. In Miami a month ago, doctor Fernanda Martinez Miguel Barreto and I conducted a stem cell treatment to grow more hair, and it has come out very good.

How is the nose of your dreams?

Smaller, symmetrical and snub. I’m not crazy but I believe that these procedures have helped me to have more confidence and trust in myself.

When and what was the first surgery?

The nose, when I was 20; Now I am 30.

Then what followed?

Liposculpture. Four, including one in the back. I have had a six pack abs Liposculpture in Brazil, and loved it.

I have an artificial face and body and maybe that’s why the association with Ken, but does I do not want to recognize the similarity with Ken.  My intention was not to look like Ken, but okay.

Before surgery, how did you see yourself in the mirror?

Ugly! It was like my head and my soul did not correspond with each other. I felt excluded  and that people liked it pretty. I have cheekbones higher and larger, like Sofia Vergara. At home I have a machine  to kill skin bacteria and boost collagen and another to whiten teeth.

Many have died due to cosmetic surgery …

I’m afraid, but to me its like the risk of crossing the street. I am a perfectionist and change what I do not like. I´m not telling people to do  the same, but if they do, you have to study very well and do professional procedures.

I have spent $ 170,000 …

So I invested in several surgeries for 10 years.

What other operations will be done?

Face, jaw, lips, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, calves.

And buttocks and genitals?

The genitals are fine, but in the future could to do a butt-lifting.

Concerns or questions?

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